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The Other Insect Societies

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Publication Date: 09/30/2006


812 pages

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24 color illustrations; 45 line illustrations

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  • Foreword by Bert Hölldobler
  • Commentary by Edward O. Wilson
    • 1. Introduction: What’s in a Name?
    • 2. The Ecology of Social Evolution: Lessons from the Other Insect Societies
  • Orthopteroidea
    • 3. Dermaptera: Earwig Mothers
    • 4. Orthoptera: Hopper Herds and Cricket Families
    • 5. Embiidina: The Webspinners
    • 6. Mantodea and Phasmatodea: Mantids and Walkingsticks
    • 7. Blattodea: Cockroaches That Care
    • 8. Psocoptera and Zoraptera: Barklice and Angel Insects
  • Hemipteroidea
    • 9. Hemiptera: Sternorrhyncha: Aphidoidea: Samurai Aphids
    • 10. Hemiptera: Auchenorrhyncha: Treehopper Herds
    • 11. Hemiptera: Heteroptera I: Terrestrial Bugs
    • 12. Hemiptera: Heteroptera II: Aquatic Bugs
    • 13. Thysanoptera: Communes and Family Fortresses
  • Neuropteroidea
    • 14. Coleoptera: Beetle Societies I: Dung, Rove, and Carrion Beetles and Their Allies
    • 15. Coleoptera: Beetle Societies II: Bark and Ambrosia Beetles and Other Weevils
    • 16. Coleoptera: Beetle Societies III: Leaf, Fungus, Carrion, Darkling, and Whirligig Beetles and Their Allies
  • Panorpoidea
    • 17. Lepidoptera: Social Caterpillars I: Moths
    • 18. Lepidoptera: Social Caterpillars II: More Moths, and Social Butterflies
  • Hymenopteroidea
    • 19. Hymenoptera: Symphyta: Sawfly Societies
  • Noninsect Arthropods
    • 20. Other Social Arthropods: Arachnids, Centipedes, Millipedes, and Crustaceans
  • Coda: Sociality in an Appalachian Spring
  • Illustration Sources
  • Acknowledgments
  • Taxonomic Index
  • Subject Index
  • Author Index
  • Color plates follow page 512

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