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Regulating Infrastructure

Monopoly, Contracts, and Discretion

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  • Acknowledgments
    • 1. Monopoly as a Contracting Problem
    • 2. The Choice of Regulatory Strategy
  • Part I. Regulatory Politics and Dynamics
    • 3. The Behavior of Regulatory Agencies
    • 4. Capture and Instability: Sri Lankas Buses and U.S. Telephones
    • 5. Incompleteness and Its Consequences: Argentinas Railroads
    • 6. Forestalling Expropriation: Electricity in the Americas
  • Part II. Contract versus Discretionary Regulation
    • 7. The Evolution of Concession Contracts: Municipal Franchises in North America
    • 8. The Rediscovery of Private Contracts: U.S. Railroad and Airline Deregulation [with John R. Meyer]
    • 9. Price-Cap Regulation: The British Water Industry
  • Part III. Vertical Unbundling and Regulation
    • 10. The Trade-off in Unbundling: Competition versus Coordination
    • 11. Regulating Coordination: British Railroads
    • 12. Designing Capacity Markets: Electricity in Argentina [with Martín Rodríguez-Pardina]
    • 13. The Prospects for Unbundling
    • 14. The Future of Regulation
  • Notes
  • Index

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