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The State after Statism

New State Activities in the Age of Liberalization

Edited by Jonah D. Levy

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ISBN 9780674022775

Publication Date: 10/01/2006


488 pages

6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches

6 line illustrations, 6 tables


  • List of Tables and Figures
  • Preface
  • Introduction: The State also Rises: The Roots of Contemporary State Activism [Jonah D. Levy]
  • I. Varieties of State Intervention
    • 1. The Transformation of the British State: From Club Government to State-Administered High Modernism [Michael Moran]
    • 2. The Forgotten Center: State Activism and Corporatist Adjustment in Holland and Germany [Anton C. Hemerijck and Mark I. Vail]
    • 3. Exiting Etatisme? New Directions in State Policy in France and Japan [Jonah D. Levy, Mari Miura, and Gene Park]
  • II. The State and Social Groups
    • 4. The State and the Reconstruction of Industrial Relations Institutions after Fordism: Britain and France Compared [Chris Howell]
    • 5. Building Finance Capitalism: The Regulatory Politics of Corporate Governance Reform in the United States and Germany [John W. Cioffi]
    • 6. From Maternalism to “Employment for All”: State Policies to Promote Women’s Employment across the Affluent Democracies [Ann Shola Orloff]
  • III. The Market-Making State
    • 7. The State in the Digital Economy [John Zysman and Abraham Newman]
    • 8. Building Global Service Markets: Economic Structure and State Capacity [Peter Cowhey and John Richards]
    • 9. The Transformation of European Trading States [Richard H. Steinberg]
  • The State after Statism: From Market Direction to Market Support [Jonah D. Levy]
  • Notes
  • References
  • Contributors
  • Index

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