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The I Tatti Renaissance Library 37

History of Venice, Volume 3

Books IX-XII

Pietro Bembo

Edited and translated by Robert W. Ulery, Jr.

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Publication Date: 11/30/2009


  • Map: The Republic of Venice, ca. 1500
  • History of Venice
    • Book IX (1509)
      • Maximilian returns to Trento
      • Many towns are retaken by Venice
      • Preparations of the Venetians for the defense of Padua and attacks on the enemy
      • Francesco Gonzaga, Marquis of Mantua, is captured by the Venetians
      • Padua is attacked by Maximilian
      • Girolamo Savorgnan’s achievements for the Republic
      • Maximilian abandons the attack on Padua
      • Decision by decree to destroy everything around Padua
      • Events in Dalmatia, Istria,and Friuli
      • Vicenza is taken by the Venetians
      • War is declared by the Senate and waged on Alfonso d’Este
      • The Republic’s army is sent to Verona in vain
      • Many towns are retaken by Venice
      • Progress of the fleet sent against Alfonso d’Este
      • The Venetian fleet is crushed by Alfonso
      • A parent is punished for using his daughter as a concubine
      • A way to placate Pope Julius is found by the Senate
    • Book X (1510)
      • Battle of Venetians with Maximilian’s forces at the San Martino bridge
      • How satisfaction was given to the king of Hungary for payments
      • At the request of Adria, the Senate grants a magistrate and ships for their self-protection
      • Various sallies of Maximilian’s forces from Verona; death of Niccolò Orsini
      • Exchange of prisoners with the French
      • Various battles and skirmishes between Alfonso d’Este and the Venetians, and also between the Venetians and Maximilian’s forces around Verona
      • Julius receives the Venetian ambassadors and annuls the bull of excommunication
      • Ambassadors sent to make peace with Maximilian return unsuccessful
      • Laws passed for the purpose of collecting funds
      • Attack on Verona attempted in vain
      • Law excluding relatives of priests from the Senate in matters involving the pope repealed
      • Uncertainty of Julius’ plans
      • Deliberations of the Senate concerning the selection of a captain-general
      • Invasion of the Republic’s territory by the French
      • A new Fondaco de’ Tedeschi is built
      • Vicenza is taken by the French along with many other towns; cruelty of the French toward those taking refuge in tunnels
      • Friuli invaded by the forces of Maximilian
      • Legnago is captured by the French
      • Death of the cardinal of Rouen
      • Treaty of Julius and the Venetians with the Swiss
      • Various sallies of Germans, Venetians, and French, and lesser battles; sedition of island of Lesina put down
      • Weapons from the Council’s armory given to Renzo da Ceri
      • Death of Caterina Cornaro
      • Fleet sent to Julius against Genoa
      • Progress of the French army against the Venetians; King Ferdinand of Spain sends the white horse to Julius as tribute
      • Francesco Gonzaga, Marquis of Mantua, is discharged by the Venetians
      • Monselice is taken by the French
      • Death of Giovanni Sforza; start of the war of Julius with Alfonso d’Este
      • Lucio Malvezzi is declared captain-general of the Republic’s army; the Salt Office is reduced from six men to four
      • Julius’ attempts against Genoa unsuccessful, and return of fleet to Civitavecchia
      • The king of Hungary declares war on Venice, but does not wage it
      • Julius’ edict against Alfonso, and his abuse directed at the king of France
      • Venice and the pope again send a fleet to Genoa
      • Modena is taken by the pope
      • Plans of the Venetians for taking Brescia
      • Invasion of the Swiss into territory held by the French
      • Law passed concerning the magistrates who take care of the Republic in the Senate
    • Book XI (1510–1511)
      • The Venetian fleet heads for Genoa with the pope’s troops, encounters the French fleet, and returns unsuccessful
      • The pope makes his way to Bologna, and his war against Alfonso d’Este
      • The Venetians attack Verona and lift the siege
      • The Venetian fleet, sent against Alfonso, is crushed
      • A second fleet is sent against the same, and actions taken on land between them
      • Defeat of the French near Montagnana
      • Francesco Gonzaga, Marquis of Mantua, is named captain-general of the Venetian and papal armies
      • A law on electoral corruption is passed at Venice
      • Venetian sally into the Tesino district
      • The Venetian and papal armies are joined against Alfonso, and their achievements
      • The pope excommunicates the French
      • An army is again sent to Verona and retreats from there unsuccessful
      • Concordia is taken by the Venetians
      • A two-headed baby is born in Venice
      • French defeat at the Secchia river
      • Mirandola is taken by Julius
      • Julius cedes Modena to Maximilian
      • Alfonso routs Julius’ army
      • Earthquake in Venice and on the mainland
      • Concordia is retaken by the French
      • Bologna is taken by the French and the Bentivoglio; the Venetians are crushed near Bologna by mountain bands
      • Cardinal Alidosi is slaughtered by Francesco Maria della Rovere
      • Julius’ edict against Bologna
      • A Council is declared at Pisa, and the pope is summoned to it
      • Various battles in Friuli
      • Defeat of the Venetians near Verona
      • Treviso is fortified by wondrous artifice
      • Doge Loredan congratulates Bartolomeo da Mosto on his election as a senator
    • Book XII (1511–1513)
      • Defeat suffered in Istria at the hands of Frangipane
      • Advances of the French and Germans in Friuli and elsewhere
      • Illness of Julius; Pesaro is handed over by Julius to Francesco Maria della Rovere
      • Destructive raids by the Germans from the Alps
      • Incursions of the French all the way to Lio Maggiore
      • Treaty of Venice with Julius and the king of England
      • The French and Germans besiege Treviso, and their departure
      • Law passed concerning the creation of a new magistracy for the Arsenale
      • Army sent to recover losses in Friuli, and its achievements
      • Vicenza returns to the dominion of the Republic
      • Julius strips of their cardinalate those who had convened the Council of Pisa
      • Pietro Balbo appointed to negotiate for Venetian merchants in Egypt
      • Fighting at Muggia in Istria and Cormons in Friuli
      • Maximilian’s representatives negotiate for passage to Rome
      • Offer from the Swiss of aid against the French accepted
      • Skirmishes at Gradisca in Friuli
      • Brescia and Bergamo are taken by Venice
      • Various peace negotiations with Maximilian
      • Bologna, under siege by the papal and Spanish forces, is liberated by the French
      • Defeat of Venice at Villafranca
      • Brescia is conquered by the French
      • Twelve ambassadors of the Swiss come to the city
      • Truce between Maximilian and Venice
      • Battle of Ravenna
      • Opening of the Lateran Council
      • Ravenna is recovered by the pope with its fortress
      • The Swiss join the Venetian army, and their achievements
      • Bologna surrenders again to Julius
      • The French are driven from towns in Lombardy and Piedmont
      • Selim wrests the sultanate from his father Bayazid, and his embassy to Venice
      • Genoa is taken by Giano Fregoso
      • Alfonso d’Este is released from Julius’ interdict, and flees from Rome
      • The Swiss are called by Julius “Defenders of the Church of Rome”
      • Julius’ unsuccessful attempts against Alfonso
      • Return of the Medici to Florence; Julius excommunicates the king of France
      • Venice retakes Crema
      • Defeat of the French in Gascony
      • Venice renews her treaty with the sultan of Egypt
      • The viceroy of Naples seizes Brescia
      • Treaty of Julius with Maximilian, his alienation from Venice, and death
      • Election of Giovanni de’ Medici as Pope Leo X
  • Note on the Text and Translation
  • Notes to the Text
  • Notes to the Translation
  • Bibliography
  • Index

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