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Hellenic Studies Series 22

Plato’s Symposium

Issues in Interpretation and Reception

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  • List of Diagrams and Illustrations
  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction
  • I. The Symposium and Plato’s Philosophy
    • 1. The Symposium as a Socratic Dialogue [Christopher Rowe]
    • 2. The Role of the Earlier Speeches in the Symposium: Plato’s Endoxic Method? [Frisbee C.C. Sheffield]
    • 3. A Platonic Reading of Plato’s Symposium [Lloyd P. Gerson]
  • II. Interpreting Plato’s Symposium
    • 4. Medicine, Magic, and Religion in Plato’s Symposium [Mark L. McPherran]
    • 5. Permanent Beauty and Becoming Happy in Plato’s Symposium [Gabriel Richardson Lear]
    • 6. A Study in Violets: Alcibiades in the Symposium [C.D.C. Reeve]
    • 7. Where is Socrates on the “Ladder of Love”? [Ruby Blondell]
    • 8. Tragedy Off-Stage [Debra Nails]
    • 9. The Virtues of Platonic Love [Gabriela Roxana Carone]
  • III. The Symposium, Sex, and Gender
    • 10. Agathon, Pausanias, and Diotima in Plato’s Symposium: Paiderastia and Philosophia [Luc Brisson]
    • 11. Female Imagery in Plato [Angela Hobbs]
    • 12. Plato in the Courtroom: The Surprising Influence of the Symposium [Jeffrey Carnes]
  • IV. The Reception of Plato’s Symposium
    • 13. Plato’s Symposium and the Traditions of Ancient Fiction [Richard Hunter]
    • 14. Some Notable Afterimages of Plato’s Symposium [J.H. Lesher]
    • 15. The Hangover of Plato’s Symposium in the Italian Renaissance from Bruni (1435) to Castiglione (1528) [Diskin Clay]
    • 16. Platonic Selves in Shelley and Stevens [David K. O’Connor]
  • The Contributors
  • Works Cited
  • Index of Passages
  • General Index

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