Cover: Proceedings of the Harvard Celtic Colloquium, 18/19: 1998 and 1999 in HARDCOVER

Proceedings of the Harvard Celtic Colloquium, 18/19: 1998 and 1999

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Proceedings of the Harvard Celtic Colloquium


  • The Meaning of Dress: Nationalism, Feminism, and Fashion in Early Twentieth-Century Ireland [Rebecca Bennette]
  • The Gaelic Revival in Nova Scotia [Jonathan Dembling]
  • The Game of Sovereignty [Lauren Dye]
  • Murder by the Marches Poetry and the Legitimisation of Revenge in Fifteenth-century Wales [Dylan Foster Evans]
  • The Literary Nation: Textual Constructions of Welsh Nationhood c.1282 to 1997 [Jerry Hunter] (Vernam Hull Lecture)
  • The Interlanguage Phonology of Welsh Learners [Timothy Jilg]
  • Keening, Crooning, and Casting Spells [Heather Larson]
  • Narratives of Old Age in a French Falliau and an Irish Folktale [Grace Neville]
  • Llawysgrif Gwerth Fawr a Phrin Iawn: Harvard MS Welsh 8 [Laura Radiker]
  • Severing the Succession, Translating the Tradition: Some Connections within Kinsella’s Dual Career"]
  • The Jaws of Sheep: The 1851 Hebridean Clearances of Gordon of Cluny [James Stewart]
  • Translating Dafydd ap Gwilym [Gwyn Thomas]
  • Taxation, Tolls, and Tribute: The Legal Language of Economics and Trade in Viking-Age Ireland [Mary Valante]
  • The Irish Literary Landscape and Nostalgia [Oona Frawley]
  • The Otherworld Muse in the Scottish Gaelic Tradition"/"Bha mi ’s a’ chnoc: Creativity in Scottish Gaelic Tradition [Michael Newton]
  • No Nation Wanted so Much [Leah Richards Fisher]
  • Liberating the Irish Novel [Gerwyn Williams]
  • Clientage and Social Hierarchy in Early Medieval Ireland [John Soderberg]
  • Mater Deorum Hibernensium [Sharon Paice-MacLeod]
  • Returning the Gaze [Grace Neville]
  • Education and the Gael [Alan Zelenetz]
  • Genre and Diction in the poetry of Dafydd ap Gwilym [The Revelation of Cultural Tension [Diana Luft]

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