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Harvard Historical Monographs 64

To the Maginot Line

The Politics of French Military Preparation in the 1920’s

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Publication Date: 09/30/2006


  • Acknowledgments
  • Tables
    • 1. French military losses as of November 11, 1918
    • 2. Comparative statistics of war deaths for belligerent nations
    • 3. French losses according to age
    • 4. Comparative statistics of French losses among officers and soldiers
    • 5. Casualties at the Ecole Normale Supérieure
    • 6. Distribution of war-incurred disability
    • 7. Population changes from March 1, 1911, to March 1, 1921
  • Introduction
  • 1. France at the End of the War
  • 2. Foch and the Disjunction of Diplomacy and Military Planning
  • 3. Pétain and Parliament: The Formulation and Passage of French Military Legislation
  • 4. From the Ruhr to Locarno via Morocco
  • 5. To the Maginot Line
  • 6. Epilogue, 1930–1940
  • Selected Bibliography
  • Index

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