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The First Vietnam War

Colonial Conflict and Cold War Crisis

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  • Acknowledgments
  • Abbreviations
    • 1. Introduction [Mark Atwood Lawrence and Fredrik Logevall]
  • I. The First Vietnam War in History
    • 2. Making Sense of the French War: The Postcolonial Moment and the First Vietnam War, 1945–1954 [Mark Philip Bradley]
    • 3. Vietnamese Historians and the First Indochina War [Lien-Hang T. Nguyen]
  • II. From One War to Another
    • 4. Franklin Roosevelt, Trusteeship, and Indochina: A Reassessment [Stein Tonnesson]
    • 5. Creating Defense Capacity in Vietnam, 1945–1947 [David G. Marr]
    • 6. Forging the “Great Combination”: Britain and the Indochina Problem, 1945–1950 [Mark Atwood Lawrence]
    • 7. French Imperial Reconstruction and the Development of the Indochina War, 1945–1950 [Martin Thomas]
  • III. Colonialism and Cold War
    • 8. Ho Chi Minh and the Strategy of People’s War [William J. Duiker]
    • 9. The Declining Value of Indochina: France and the Economics of Empire, 1950–1955 [Laurent Cesari]
    • 10. France, the United States, and Indochina [Marilyn B. Young]
  • IV. The End of the French War and the Coming of the Americans
    • 11. Assessing Dien Bien Phu [John Prados]
    • 12. China and the Indochina Settlement at the Geneva Conference of 1954 [Chen Jian]
    • 13. After Geneva: The French Presence in Vietnam, 1954–1963 [Kathryn C. Statler]
    • 14. Chronicle of a War Foretold: The United States and Vietnam, 1945–1954 [Andrew J. Rotter]
  • Notes
  • Contributors
  • Index

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