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Harvard East Asian Monographs 287

A Court on Horseback

Imperial Touring and the Construction of Qing Rule, 1680–1785

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Publication Date: 05/01/2007


550 pages

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  • Tables and Figures
  • Abbreviations
  • Note on Transcription and Dating Conventions
  • Introduction
  • 1. Historical Precedents and the Multivalence of Imperial Touring
  • 2. “Following Ancestors”: The Ethno-Dynastic Imperative of Imperial Touring, 1680s and 1740s
  • 3. Putting a Court on Horseback: The Logistics and Politics of Moving a Court
  • 4. The Perils of Peace and the Politics of Empire: Wars, Tours, and Military Readiness
  • 5. “Returning to Purity and Simplicity”: the Southern Tours and Intra-Elite Competition in an Age of Commercialization
  • 6. The Southern Tours as Cultural Encompassment: The Valorization of Verse and Accommodation of Han Learning
  • 7. The Poetics and Politics of Qianlong’s Encounter with Jiangnan
  • 8. Popular Perceptions and the Primacy of Ethno-Dynastic Politics, 1765–1785
  • Appendix A. A Note on Provincial Preparations for Qianlong’s Southern Tours
  • Appendix B. An Estimate of the Overall Costs for Qianlong’s Southern Tours
  • Appendix C. Southern Tour Recruitment Examinations: A Quantitative Analysis
  • Works Cited
  • Chinese Character List
  • Index

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