Cover: Democratic Accountability: Why Choice in Politics Is Both Possible and Necessary, from Harvard University PressCover: Democratic Accountability in HARDCOVER

Democratic Accountability

Why Choice in Politics Is Both Possible and Necessary

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ISBN 9780674024755

Publication Date: 03/15/2007


264 pages

6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches

11 line illustrations, 2 tables


  • 1. Introduction: The Politics of Blame Avoidance
    • Accountability as a Democratic Value
    • Politics as Rational Action
    • Critical Cases as Counter-Examples
  • 2. History Is Not Predetermined
    • The End of History
    • The Politics of Containment
    • Accountability and Counterfactual Analysis
  • 3. Nation-States Need Not Go to War
    • The War of All against All
    • L’Europe des Patries
    • Accountability and Legitimacy
  • 4. Globalization Has Not Wiped Out the Freedom to Choose
    • The Globalization Trap
    • Agenda 21
    • Accountability and the Market
  • 5. Power-Sharing Does Not Exclude Responsibility
    • Power-Sharing
    • Mani Pulite
    • Accountability and the Ethics of Conviction and Responsibility
  • 6. Implementation May Well Be Immaculate
    • The Theory of Budget-Maximization
    • The Politics of Retrenchment
    • Accountability and Bureaucracy
  • 7. Consequences May Well Be as Intended
    • Unintended Consequences
    • The Gent System
    • Accountability and Expertise
  • 8. Action Can Be Meaningful Even if Irrational
    • The Logic of Rational Action: The Roots
    • The Logic of Appropriateness: Götterdämmerung
    • Accountability and History
  • 9. Conclusion: The Necessity of Choice
    • Choice Is Possible
    • Choice Is Mandatory
  • Notes
  • Bibliography
  • Acknowledgments
  • Index

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