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Harvard Contemporary China Series 14

Grassroots Political Reform in Contemporary China

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Publication Date: 03/31/2007


416 pages

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Harvard University Asia Center > Harvard Contemporary China Series


  • Acknowledgments
  • List of Abbreviations
  • 1. Introduction: Historical Reflections on Grassroots Political Reform in China [Elizabeth J. Perry and Merle Goldman]
  • 2. Village Elections, Transparency, and Anticorruption: Henan and Guangdong Provinces [Richard Levy]
  • 3. The Implementation of Village Elections and Tax-for-Fee Reform in Rural Northwest China [John James Kennedy]
  • 4. Fiscal Crisis in China’s Townships: Causes and Consequences [Jean C. Oi and Zhao Shukai]
  • 5. Direct Township Elections [Lianjiang Li]
  • 6. The Struggle for Village Public Goods Provision: Informal Institutions of Accountability in Rural China [Lily L. Tsai]
  • 7. Inadvertent Political Reform via Private Associations: Assessing Homeowners’ Groups in New Neighborhoods [Benjamin L. Read]
  • 8. Civil Resistance and Rule of Law in China: The Defense of Homeowners’ Rights [Yongshun Cai]
  • 9. “Hope for Protection and Hopeless Choices”: Labor Legal Aid in the PRC [Mary E. Gallagher]
  • 10. Is Labor a Political Force in China? [Ching Kwan Lee]
  • 11. Between Defiance and Obedience: Protest Opportunism in China [Xi Chen]
  • 12. In Search of the Grassroots: Hydroelectric Politics in Northwest Yunnan [Ralph Litzinger]
  • 13. Public Opinion Supervision: Possibilities and Limits of the Media in Constraining Local Officials [Yuezhi Zhao and Sun Wusan]
  • Notes
  • Contributors

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