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The I Tatti Renaissance Library 33

Writings on Church and Reform

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Publication Date: 05/01/2008


688 pages

5-1/4 x 8 inches

The I Tatti Renaissance Library


  • Introduction
  • Council and Concord
    • 1. To the Bohemians: On the Use of Communion
    • 2. Is the Authority of the Holy Councils Greater Than That of the Pope?
    • 3. On Presidential Authority in a General Council
  • The Hercules of the Eugenians
    • 4. Oration at the Diet of Frankfurt
    • 5. That It Is Necessary to Withdraw from Neutrality or Indecision
    • 6. Against Suspension of Allegiance
    • 7. A Dialogue against the Amedeists
    • 8. Sermon 21: “Entering into the house”
    • 9. Letter to the Bohemians on Church Unity
  • Explicatio Petri
    • 10. Letter to Rodrigo Sánchez de Arévalo
    • 11. Sermon 126: “Thou art Peter”
    • 12. Sermon 144: “I shall give thee the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven”
    • 13. Sermon 160: “Thou art Peter”
    • 14. Sermon 287: “Blessed art thou, Simon Bar-Jona”
  • Reform and Christiformitas
    • 15. Sermon 280: “I am the Good Shepherd”
    • 16. Sermon 290: “When I shall be sanctified in you”
    • 17. A General Reform of the Church
  • Note on the Texts and Translations
  • Notes to the Text
  • Notes to the Translation
  • Bibliography
  • Index of Biblical and Canon Law Citations
  • General Index

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