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American Law and the Constitutional Order

Historical Perspectives, Enlarged Edition

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Publication Date: 10/15/1988


598 pages

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  • Preface to the Enlarged Edition
  • Preface to the First Edition
  • I. American Legal Culture
    • 1. The Law in United States History [Willard Hurst]
    • 2. Notes Toward a History of American Justice [Lawrence M. Friedman]
  • II. Studies in Colonial Law
    • 3. King’s Law and Local Custom in Seventeenth-Century New England [Julius Goebel, Jr.]
    • 4. The Legal Heritage of Plymouth Colony [George L. Haskins]
    • 5. The Politics of Law in Colonial America: Controversies Over Chancery Courts and Equity Law in the Eighteenth Century [Stanley N. Katz]
    • 6. Law and the Enforcement of Morals in Early America [David Flaherty]
  • III. The Revolution and the New Constitutional Order
    • 7. Popular Uprisings and Civil Authority in Eighteenth-Century America [Pauline Maier]
    • 8. Federalism and the Constitution: The Original Understanding [Harry N. Scheiber]
    • 9. Liberty and the First Amendment: 1790–1800 [Leonard W. Levy]
  • IV. Law and the Economy in Ante-bellum America
    • 10. The Release of Energy [Willard Hurst]
    • 11. An Overview of American Land Policy [Paul W. Gates]
    • 12. Property Law, Expropriation, and Resource Allocation by Government, 1789–1910 [Harry N. Scheiber]
    • 13. The Transformation in the Conception of Property in American Law, 1780–1860 [Morton J. Horwitz]
    • 14. The Law of the Commonwealth and Chief Justice Shaw [Leonard W. Levy]
  • V. Crime, Criminal Justice, and Violence
    • 15. Emerging Notions of Modern Criminal Law in the Revolutionary Era: An Historical Perspective [William E. Nelson]
    • 16. Violence and Vigilantism in American History [Richard Maxwell Brown]
    • 17. Urbanization and Criminal Violence in the Nineteenth Century: Massachusetts as a Test Case [Roger Lane]
  • VI. Slavery and the Civil War
    • 18. Chattels Personal [Kenneth M. Stampp]
    • 19. The American Civil War as a Constitutional Crisis [Arthur Bestor]
  • VII. The New Legal Order: Reconstruction and the Gilded Age
    • 20. The Reconstruction of Federal Judicial Power, 1863–1876 [William M. Wiecek]
    • 21. Justice Field and the Jurisprudence of Government–Business Relations: Some Parameters of Laissez Faire Constitutionalism, 1863–1897 [Charles W. McCurdy]
  • VIII. Progressivism and the Law
    • 22. Social Change and the Law of Industrial Accidents [Lawrence M. Friedman and Jack Ladinsky]
    • 23. Legal Progressivism, the Courts, and the Crisis of the 1890s [Arnold M. Paul]
  • IX. Crime and Social Control in the Twentieth Century
    • 24. Behavior Modification in Total Institutions: An Historical Overview [David J. Rothman]
    • 25. Urban Crime and Criminal Justice: The Chicago Case [Mark H. Hailer]
  • X. Race Relations and the Law
    • 26. Negro Involuntary Servitude in the South, 1865–1940: A Preliminary Analysis [William Cohen]
    • 27. Moorfield Storey and the Struggle for Equality [William B. Hixson, Jr.]
    • 28. Earl Warren and the Brown Decision [S. Sidney Ulmer]
  • XI. The Bar and the New Jurisprudence
    • 29. Lawyers and Clients in the Twentieth Century [Jerold S. Auerbach]
    • 30. American Jurisprudence between the Wars: Legal Realism and the Crisis of Democratic Theory [Edward A. Purcell, Jr.]
  • XII. Restructuring the Legal Order: The New Deal Era
    • 31. The Great Depression, the New Deal, and the American Legal Order [Michael E. Parrish]
  • XIII. The Modern Legal Order: Public Law, the New Property, and the Regulatory State
    • 32. The New Property [Charles A. Reich]
    • 33. The Role of the Judge in Public Law Litigation [Abram Chayes]
    • 34. The “New” Social Regulation in Historical and Comparative Perspective [David Vogel]
  • XIV. The Study of Constitutional and Legal History
    • 35. Doctrinal Legacies and Institutional Innovations: Law and the Economy in American History [Harry N. Scheiber]
    • 36. American Legal History: Past and Present [Lawrence M. Friedman]
  • Notes
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