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From the Puritans to the Projects

Public Housing and Public Neighbors

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482 pages

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  • Illustrations
  • Tables
  • Introduction: The “Public” in Public Housing
    • Public Housing as an American Problem
    • Housing the Public Neighbor
    • Public Housing in Boston
  • I. The Prehistory of Public Housing
    • 1. Coping with the Poor: Techniques and Institutions
      • The Moral Geography of Puritan Space
      • New Institutions for Indoor Relief
      • Tenement Reform
      • Settlement Houses
      • Ideal Tenement Districts
    • 2. Rewarding Upward Mobility: Public Lands, Private Houses, and New Communities
      • Frontier Individualism on Public Lands
      • Homesteads in the Boston Suburbs
      • Residential Districts
      • Communities by Design
      • Public Neighborhoods without Public Neighbors
  • II. Public Housing in Boston
    • 3. Building Selective Collectives, 1934–1954
      • Boston’s Selective Collectives
      • Public Works and Private Markets
      • Public Housing as Slum Reform
      • Public Housing as War Production (1940–1945)
      • Public Housing as Veterans’ Assistance (1946-1954)
      • The Authority Is Watching
    • 4. Managing Poverty and Race, 1955–1980
      • The Geopolitics of Public Housing
      • Urban Renewal
      • Rewarding the Elderly
      • The Mechanisms of Patronage
      • Racial Discrimination and the BHA
      • Battles within the Bureaucracy
      • The Decline and Fall of the BHA
    • 5. The Boston Housing Authority since 1980: The Puritans Return
      • The Receivership
      • Four Redevelopment Efforts in the 1980s
      • The Politics of Public Housing Preferences
      • Getting Beyond Receivership
      • Boston Public Housing in the 1990s
      • Ideological Retrenchment
      • From the Puritans to the Projects
  • Notes
  • Credits
  • Index

Awards & Accolades

  • 2001 Best Book in Urban Affairs Award, Urban Affairs Association

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