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The Wehrmacht

History, Myth, Reality

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ISBN 9780674025776

Publication Date: 10/30/2007

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400 pages

5-1/2 x 8-1/4 inches


  • Preface to the English-Language Edition [Peter Fritzsche]
  • Foreword [Manfred Messerschmidt]
  • List of Abbreviations
  • 1. Perceptions of Russia, the Soviet Union, and Bolshevism as Enemies
    • German Perceptions of Russia in the Twentieth Century
    • National Socialists’ Perceptions of Russia: “Jewish Bolshevism”
    • Perceptions of Russia among the Wehrmacht Generals
  • 2. Anti-Semitism in the German Military
    • From Anti-Semitism to the Holocaust?
    • Germany under the Kaiser and the First World War
    • The Revolutionary Era of 1918–19
    • The Postwar Period: War Continued by Different Means
    • The Weimar Republic
    • The National Socialist Era up to 1939
  • 3. The Wehrmacht and the Murder of Jews
    • Issuing Orders and Propaganda in the Wehrmacht
    • Some Theaters of War
    • Anti-Semitism as a Soldier’s Duty
  • 4. Generals and Enlisted Men
    • The Military Elites in the Grip of a War Ideology
    • Hitler and the Generals
    • The “Little Guy” in Uniform
    • Soldiers of the Wehrmacht in Light of Recent Research
    • The Will to Survive in the War’s Final Phase
  • 5. The Legend of the Wehrmacht’s “Clean Hands”
    • The Birth of a Legend
    • The War Crimes Trials
    • Writing History from the Wehrmacht’s Point of View
    • The Cold War Begins
    • Wehrmacht Crimes, the Justice System, and the Statute of Limitations
  • 6. A Taboo Shatters
    • Historical Research
    • Perceptions of the Wehrmacht in the Bundeswehr
    • After Fifty Years a Taboo Is Broken
  • 7. Conclusion
  • Notes
  • Index

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