Cover: The American Party Battle: Election Campaign Pamphlets, 1828-1876, Volume 1: 1828–1854, from Harvard University PressCover: The American Party Battle: Election Campaign Pamphlets, 1828-1876, Volume 1: 1828–1854 in PAPERBACK

The American Party Battle: Election Campaign Pamphlets, 1828-1876, Volume 1: 1828–1854

Edited by Joel H. Silbey

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ISBN 9780674026452

Publication Date: 08/31/1999


  • Preface
  • “Please Read and Circulate”
  • “To Indulge in General Abusive Declamation”
  • “Repellant and Mutually Abhorrent Parties”
  • A Note on the Texts
  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction: Defining the Soul of the Nation
    • The Great Themes: Continuity and Change
    • “To Save and Exalt the Union”
    • “Consider Well…the Platforms…of the Parties Now Asking Your Suffrage”
  • Volume I
    • Part One: The Evolution of Party Warfare, 1828–1838
      • Proceedings and Address of the New Hampshire Republican State Convention…Friendly to the Election of Andrew Jackson…(Concord, 1828)
      • The Virginia Address (Richmond, 1828)
      • Proceedings of the Antimasonic Republican Convention of theState of Maine (Hallowell, Me., 1834)
      • To the Electors of Massachusetts (Worcester? 1837)
    • Part Two: The Jacksonian-Whig Synthesis, 1838–1854
      • To the Democratic Republican Party of Alabama (n.p., 1840)
      • Address of the Liberty Party of Pennsylvania to the People of the State (Philadelphia, 1844)
      • The Twenty-Ninth Congress, Its Men and Measures; Its Professions and Its Principles…(Washington, 1846)
      • What’s the Difference? Cass and Taylor on the Slavery Question (Boston, 1848)
      • Speech of Hon. Stephen A. Douglas, of Illinois, Delivered in Richmond, Virginia, July 9, 1852(Richmond, 1852)
  • Volume II
    • Part Three: New Issues and Parties: Americans, Republicans, and Divided Democrats, 1854–1860
      • A Few Considerations for Reflecting Voters (New York, 1855?)
      • The Parties of the Day. Speech of William H. Seward at Auburn, October 21, 1856 (Washington, 1857)
      • The Conspiracy to Break Up the Union. The Plot and Its Development…(Washington, 1860)
      • Salient Points of the Campaign…(Springfield, 1860)
    • Part Four: The Culmination of the Battle for the Soul of America, 1861–1876
      • An Address…to the People of the States Which Adhere to the Federal Government (Washington, 1864)
      • “Union” on Dis-Union Principles! The Chicago Platform, McClellan’s Letter of Acceptance…A Speech Delivered by Abram Wakeman, of New York,…Nov. 3, 1864 (New York, 1864)
      • Modern Philanthropy Illustrated. How They Tried to Make a White Man of a Negro…(n.p., 1868)
      • The Three Secession Movements in the United States. Samuel J. Tilden…the Adviser, Aider, and Abettor of the Great Secession Movement of 1860…(Boston, 1876)

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