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Hellenic Studies Series 30

Practitioners of the Divine

Greek Priests and Religious Officials from Homer to Heliodorus

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ISBN 9780674027879

Publication Date: 10/01/2008


250 pages

5-1/2 x 9 inches

14 black and white illustrations

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  • Preface
  • Abbreviations
  • Introduction: What is a Greek Priest? [Albert Henrichs]
  • Part I. Priests and Ritual
    • Priests as Ritual Experts in the Greek World [Angelos Chaniotis]
  • Part II. Variations of Priesthood
    • Priestly Personnel of the Ephesian Artemisium: Anatolian, Persian, Greek, and Roman Aspects [Jan Bremmer]
    • Professionals, Volunteers, and Amateurs in the Cult of Demeter: Serving the Gods kata ta patria [Susan Guettel Cole]
    • “Greek” Priests of Sarapis? [Beate Dignas]
    • Priests—Dynasts—Kings: Temples and Secular Rule in Asia Minor [Ulrich Gotter]
  • Part III. Visual Representation
    • Images of Cult Personnel in Athens between the Sixth and First Centuries BC [Ralf von den Hoff]
  • Part IV. Ideal Concepts and their Transformation
    • The Iamidae: A Mantic Family and Its Public Image [Michael Flower]
    • Authority Disputed: The Seer in Homeric Epic [Kai Trampedach]
  • Part V. Manteis: Priests at All?
    • Philosopher and Priest: The Image of the Intellectual and the Social Practice of the Elites in the Eastern Roman Empire [Matthias Haake]
    • An Egyptian Priest in Delphi: Kalasiris as theios aner in Heliodorus’ Aethiopica [Manuel Baumbach]
  • Epilogue [Beate Dignas and Kai Trampedach]
  • Bibliography
  • Index

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