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Harvard Series in Islamic Law 6

The Islamic Marriage Contract

Case Studies in Islamic Family Law

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Harvard Series in Islamic Law


Related Subjects

  • Author Biographies
  • Introduction
  • I. The Legal Doctrine of Marriage Contracts in Comparative Perspective
    • 1. Marriage in Classical Islamic Jurisprudence: A Survey of Doctrines [Kecia Ali]
    • 2. The Western Canon Law of Marriage: A Doctrinal Introduction [Charles Donahue, Jr.]
    • 3. Jewish Marriage and Divorce Law [Suzanne Last Stone]
  • II. The Marriage Contract in Muslim History
    • 4. A History of Marriage Contracts in Egypt [Amira El-Azhary Sonbol]
    • 5. Questions of Consent: Contracting a Marriage in Ottoman Syria and Palestine [Judith E. Tucker]
    • 6. The Islamic Marriage Contract in al-Andalus (10–16th Centuries) [Amalia Zomeno]
    • 7. Interpreting Tears: A Marriage Case from Imamic Yemen [Brinkley Messick]
  • III. Modern Practice and Reform
    • 8. Legislative Provisions and Judicial Mechanisms for the Enforcement and Termination of the Islamic Marriage Contract in Malaysia [Nik Noriani Nik Badli Shah]
    • 9. Marriage Contracts and Women’s Rights in Saudi Arabia: Mahr, Shurut, and Knowledge Distribution [Lisa Wynn]
    • 10. A Woman’s Right to Terminate the Marriage Contract: The Case of Iran [Ziba Mir-Hosseini]
    • 11. The Islamic Marriage Contract in Egypt [Mona Zulficat]
    • 12. Advocacy for Reform in Islamic Family Law: The Experience of Sisters in Islam [Zainah Anwar]
    • 13. Improving the Status of Women through Reforms in Marriage Contract Law: The Experience of the Nizari Ismaili Community [Ali S. Asani]
  • IV. The Muslim Marriage Contract in Western Secular Legal Systems
    • 14. Marriage Contracts of Muslims in the Diaspora: Problems in the Recognition of Mahr Contracts in German Law [Christina Jones-Pauly]
    • 15. The Shari’a and English Law: Identity and Justice for British Muslims [Richard Freeland and Martin Lau]
  • Bibliography
  • Index

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