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Italy and Its Invaders

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ISBN 9780674030336

Publication Date: 02/15/2009


240 pages

5-1/8 x 7-15/16 inches


  • Preface
  • 1. From the Sack of Rome to Odoacer, “King of the Nations”
  • 2. Ostrogoths, Romans of Italy and Romans of the East
  • 3. The Longobards in War and Peace and the Origins of the Temporal Dominion of the Popes and of Venice
  • 4. In the Empire of Charlemagne and within the Shelter of the City Walls
  • 5. Germans at Legnano, Normans in Southern Italy and Sicily
  • 6. The Meteor Frederick II and the Bitter “Chickpeas” of the French in Sicily
  • 7. The Chalk of Charles VIII and the Lance of Fieramosca
  • 8. Milan and Naples in the Castilian Empire
  • 9. The Austrians and the Lombardo-Venetian Kingdom
  • 10. A Pseudoconquest and a True Liberation
  • Notes
  • Index

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