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The Art of Ancient Egypt

Revised Edition

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ISBN 9780674030657

Publication Date: 09/15/2008


272 pages

150 color illustrations, 150 halftones

United States and Canada

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[This is the table of contents of the previous edition.]

  • Acknowledgements
  • Foreword
  • Chronology
  • 1. Understanding Ancient Egyptian Art
  • 2. Origins: The Early Dynastic Period
  • 3. The First Flowering: The Old Kingdom (I)
  • 4. A Golden Age: The Old Kingdom (II)
  • 5. Diversity in Disunity: The First Intermediate Period
  • 6. Return to the Heights: The Middle Kingdom (I)
  • 7. Change and Collapse: The Middle Kingdom (II)
  • 8. A New Momentum: The New Kingdom (I): Ahmose To Amenhotep III
  • 9. The Great Heresy: The New Kingdom (II): The Amarna Period And Its Aftermath
  • 10. The Glories of Empire: The New Kingdom (III)
  • 11. Fragmentation and New Directions: The Third Intermediate Period
  • 12. Looking to the Past: The Late Period (I)
  • 13. The Final Flowering: The Late Period (II) And Ptolemaic Period
  • 14. Epilogue
  • Abbreviations and Bibliography
  • Further Reading
  • Illustration Acknowledgements
  • Index

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