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Harvard Studies in American-East Asian Relations 11

America’s China Trade in Historical Perspective

The Chinese and American Performance

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Publication Date: 06/12/1986


  • Foreword [Ernest R. May]
  • Introduction: Patterns and Problems [John K. Fairbank]
  • I. China’s Major Export Trades
    • 1. Chinese Teas to America—A Synopsis [Yen-Ping Hao]
      • Direct Trade without Diplomacy, 1784–1843
      • Trade Under the Treaty System, 1844–1895
      • Trade Mechanics
      • Consequences for Economic Development
    • 2. The Boom Years of the Pukien Tea Trade, 1842–1888 [Robert P. Gardella]
      • Fukien’s Opening to Foreign Trade, 1842–1855
      • Organizing the Tea Trade
      • Impact of the Tea Export Boom on the Fukien Economy
      • The Effect Upon Provincial Government Finance
      • The Competition of Tea Plantations Abroad
    • 3. The Silk Export Trade and Economic Modernization in China and Japan [Lillian M. Li]
      • The Modern Role of Silk Exports
      • Characteristics of Silk Technology
      • The Chinese Pattern of Development
      • The Japanese Pattern of Development
      • Urban–Rural Integration
      • Commercial Institutions and Practices
  • II. American Imports into China
    • 4. The Chinese–American Cotton-Textile Trade, 1830–1930 [Kang Chao]
      • Characteristics of the American Cotton-Textile Industry
      • Quality and Price of American Cotton Cloth
      • Trade Organizations and Marketing Techniques
      • How the Market Was Lost
    • 5. The East Asian “Textile Cluster” Trade, 1868–1973: A Comparative-Advantage Interpretation [Bruce L. Reynolds]
      • Two Approaches
      • Some Characteristics of Textiles
      • Trade Data: Preliminary Observations
      • International Competition in Textile Cluster Trade
    • 6. Commercial Penetration and Economic Imperialism in China: An American Cigarette Company’s Entrance into the Market [Sherman Cochran]
      • An American Multinational Corporation in China
      • The Role of the Chinese in BAT
      • East Asian Opposition to BAT
      • Commercial Penetration and Economic Imperialism
    • 7. The United States Petroleum Trade with China, 1876–1949 [Chu-Yuan Cheng]
      • Trends in China’s Petroleum Imports
      • The Changing Role of American Oil Companies
      • Marketing and Distributing Systems
      • Major Economic Effects
  • III. Perspectives on Trade and Investment
    • 8. The Minor Significance of Commercial Relations between the United States and China, 1850–1931 [Peter Schran]
      • The Relative Importance of Foreign Trade
      • The Relative Importance of Bilateral Trade
      • The Relative Importance of Trade in Specific Commodities
    • 9. The Impacts of American Multinational Enterprise on American–Chinese Economic Relations, 1786–1949 [Mira Wilkins]
      • American Firms in China Trade and Manufacturing
      • American Multinationals’ Direct Marketing in China
      • China Trade Corporations of American Residents in China
      • American Nonindustrial Enterprises in China
      • American Investments in China
  • Notes
  • Bibliography
  • Glossary
  • Index

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