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Harvard Studies in Classical Philology, Volume 104

Edited by Nino Luraghi

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ISBN 9780674031586

Publication Date: 02/15/2009


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Volume 104 of Harvard Studies in Classical Philology includes: Jeremy Rau, “Δ 384 Τυδῆ, Ο 339 Μηκιστῆ, and τ 136 Ὀδυσῆ”; Naomi Rood, “Craft Similes and the Construction of Heroes in the Iliad”; Yoav Rinon, “The Tragic Pattern of the Iliad”; Catherine Rubincam, “Herodotus and His Descendants: Numbers in Ancient and Modern Narratives of Xerxes’ Campaigns”; Chiara Thumiger, “Personal Pronouns as Identity Terms in Ancient Greek: The Surviving Tragedies and Euripides’ Bacchae”; Luis Andrés Bredlow Wenda, “Epicurus’ Letter to Herodotus: Some Textual Notes”; Ulrich Gotter, “Cultural Differences and Cross-Cultural Contact: Greek and Roman Concepts of Power”; Christopher Krebs, “Hebescere virtus (Sallust BC 12.1): Metaphorical Ambiguity”; Alexei A. Grishin, “Ludus in undis: An Acrostic in Eclogue 9”; Jackie Elliott, “Aeneas’ Generic Wandering and the Construction of the Latin Literary Past: Ennian Epic vs. Ennian Tragedy in the Language of the Aeneid”; Luis Rivero García, “Virgil Aeneid 6.445–446: A Critical Note”; Monika Asztalos, “The Poet’s Mirror: Horace’s Carmen 4.10”; Denis Rousset, “The City and Its Territory in the Province of Achaea and ‘Roman Greece’”; and Alexander Kirichenko, “Satire, Propaganda, and the Pleasure of Reading: Apuleius’ Stories of Curiosity in Context.”

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