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Government by Contract

Outsourcing and American Democracy

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  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction: Reframing the Outsourcing Debates [Jody Freeman and Martha Minow]
  • I. Recent Developments
      • 1. Public-Private Governance: A Historical Introduction [William J. Novak]
      • 2. The Transformation of Government Work: Causes, Consequences, and Distortions [John D. Donahue]
      • 3. The Federal Framework for Competing Commercial Work between the Public and Private Sectors [Mathew Blum]
  • II. Cases and Critiques
      • 4. Rent-a-Regulator: Design and Innovation in Environmental Decision Making [Miriam Seifter]
      • 5. Outsourcing Power: Privatizing Military Efforts and the Risks to Accountability, Professionalism, and Democracy [Martha Minow]
      • 6. How Privatization Thinks: The Case of Prisons [Sharon Dolovich]
  • III. Responses and Reforms
    • A. Don’t Increase Regulation
      • 7. Achieving Contracting Goals and Recognizing Public Law Concerns: A Contracting Management Perspective [Steven J. Kelman]
      • 8. Federal Contracting in Context: What Drives It, How to Improve It [Stan Soloway and Alan Chvotkin]
    • B. Use Existing Tools
      • 9. Six Simple Steps to Increase Contractor Accountability [Nina A. Mendelson]
      • 10. Privatization and Democracy: Resources in Administrative Law [Alfred C. Aman, Jr.]
    • C. Press Constitutional Restrictions
      • 11. Private Delegations, Due Process, and the Duty to Supervise [Gillian E. Metzger]
      • 12. Outsourcing and the Duty to Govern [Paul R. Verkuil]
      • 13. Public Values/Private Contract [Laura A. Dickinson]
  • Notes
  • List of Contributors
  • Index

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