Cover: Down a Narrow Road: Identity and Masculinity in a Uyghur Community in Xinjiang China, from Harvard University PressCover: Down a Narrow Road in HARDCOVER

Harvard East Asian Monographs 312

Down a Narrow Road

Identity and Masculinity in a Uyghur Community in Xinjiang China

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ISBN 9780674032828

Publication Date: 03/31/2009


350 pages

6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches

15 halftones, 2 maps

Harvard University Asia Center > Harvard East Asian Monographs

World, subsidiary rights restricted

  • Foreword [Stevan Harrell]
  • Characters
  • A Note on Language
  • Maps
  • Introduction
  • I. Local Identities of Space and Place
    • 1. The Blessed Home: Residence and Identity in a Uyghur Neighborhood
    • 2. Yining’s Mehelle as Suburban Periphery
    • 3. Desettling the Land: The Destruction of Uyghur Chthonic Identity
  • II. Gender and the Life Cycle
    • 4. Gleaming Eyes, Evil Eyes: Cradle and Cure in Uyghur Child Rearing
    • 5. At Play in the Mehelle: The Language and Lore of Uyghur Childhood
    • 6. Marriage, Mistresses, and Masculinity: Gender and Adult Social Life
    • 7. The Pretty Olturash: Masculinity and Moral Order in Adult Play
    • 8. “Women have hair, men have nicknames”: Uyghur Nicknaming Practices
  • III. Markets and Merchants on the Silk Road
    • 9. Merchants and Markets in the Mehelle
    • 10. Yining’s Border Trade: Trader-Tourism and Uyghur Sojourning
  • IV. Islam in the Mehelle: The Social Dimensions of Uyghur Religious Practice
    • 11. The False Hajim and the Bad Meshrep: Piety and Politics in Uyghur Islam
    • 12. The Hungry Guest: Rhetoric, Reverence, and Reversal in a Uyghur Ramadan
  • Epilogue
  • Glossary
  • Notes
  • Works Cited
  • Index

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