Cover: Transformations in American Legal History: Essays in Honor of Professor Morton J. Horwitz, from Harvard University PressCover: Transformations in American Legal History in HARDCOVER

Transformations in American Legal History I

Transformations in American Legal History

Essays in Honor of Professor Morton J. Horwitz

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Publication Date: 03/31/2009


  • Foreword
  • Preface
  • Acknowledgements
  • 1. Debating the Transformation of American Law: James, Kent, Joseph Story, and the Legacy of the Revolution [Daniel J. Husebosch]
  • 2. Colonial Constitutionalism and Constitutional Law [Mary Sarah Bilder]
  • 3. Drawing and Redrawing the Line: The Pre-Revolutionary Origins of Federal Ideas of Sovereignty [Alison LaCroix]
  • 4. DeSaussure and Ford: A Charleston Law Firm of the 1790s [Sally E. Hadden]
  • 5. Utility, History, and the Rule of Law: The Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 in Antebellum Jurisprudence [Alfred L. Brophy]
  • 6. Stability and Change in Antebellum Property Law: Stare Decisis in Judicial Rhetoric [Polly J. Price]
  • 7. “The Benefits and Evils of Competition”: James Coolidge Carter’s Supreme Court Advocacy [Lewis A. Grossman]
  • 8. On Limited Liability: A Speculative Essay on Evolution and Justification [Gregory Mark]
  • 9. Transformations: Pluralism, Individualism, and Democracy [Dalia Tsuk Mitchell]
  • 10. The Death and Rebirth of the Clear and Present Danger Test [Stephen A. Siegel]
  • 11. Hugo Black’s Civil Rights Movement [Christopher Schmidt]
  • 12. Peregrinations of the Free Rider: The Changing Logics of Collective Obligation [Elizabeth Blackmar]
  • 13. Two Horwitzian Journeys [Assaf Likhovski]
  • 14. Morton Horwitz: Legal Historian as Lawyer and Historian [William Michael Treanor]
  • 15. Whither Legal History? [Charles Donahue Jr.]
  • 16. The Moral Lives of Intellectual Properties [Steven Wilf]
  • 17. Geniuses and Owners: The Construction of Inventors and the Emergence of American Intellectual Property [Oren Bracha]
  • 18. Morton Horwitz and the Teaching of American Legal History [Daniel W. Hamilton]
  • About the Contributors
  • Index

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