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Beyond the Zonules of Zinn

A Fantastic Journey Through Your Brain

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$22.50 • £18.95 • €20.50

ISBN 9780674034587

Publication Date: 03/30/2010


352 pages

6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches

30 halftones


  • Prologue
  • I. A Grand Tour of Terra Incognita—The Spinal Cord
    • 1. Skull Marrow: First thoughts about the mind
    • 2. Servants and Guards of the Great King: The classical brain
    • 3. The Brain as Geography: Maps of the mind
    • 4. A River Runs Through It: The development of a brain
    • 5. Leonardo’s Butterfly: The spinal cord
    • 6. Interlude: The worm that turned (over)
  • II. An Assault on the Senses—The Brain Stem
    • 7. A Forest So Dense: The new anatomy of Santiago Ramón y Cajal
    • 8. The Little Fish Who Never Grew Up: The origins of the ear
    • 9. The Brain as Archaeology: The hindbrain
    • 10. Beauty Is in the Eye of the, er, Squid: The origins of the eye
    • 11. Hillocks, Buttocks, Blindsight, and Black Stuff: The midbrain
    • 12. Stinkin’ and Thinkin’: The origins of the nose
    • 13. Into the Marriage Chamber for Some Sexy Synesthesia: Entering the forebrain
    • 14. Why Is “D” Brown?: When the senses mix
    • 15. Interlude: Shrapnel and magnets
  • III. Where All the Mind May Be Found?—The Cortex
    • 16. The Brain as Engineering: Wilder Penfield and the cortex
    • 17. The Apparent Disorder of the Cerebral Jungle: What is in those hemispheres?
    • 18. The Seahorse and the Almond: Memory, learning, and fear
    • 19. The Hard Question: Brain size and consciousness
  • Epilogue: No Turning Back
  • Further Reading
  • Index

Awards & Accolades

  • A Booklist Top 10 Sci-Tech Book of 2008
  • A Library Journal Best Sci-Tech Book of 2008
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