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The Urban Whale

North Atlantic Right Whales at the Crossroads

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Publication Date: 03/30/2010

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576 pages

34 color illustrations, 116 halftones, 48 line illustrations, 21 tables


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  • Preface
  • List of Marine Species
  • Abbreviations
  • 1. Right Whales in the Urban Ocean [Scott D. Kraus and Rosalind M. Rolland]
  • 2. Near-Annihilation of a Species: Right Whaling in the North Atlantic [Randall R. Reeves, Tim D. Smith, and Elizabeth A. Josephson]
  • 3. Right Whales Tell Their Own Stories: The Photo-Identification Catalog [Philip K. Hamilton, Amy R. Knowlton, and Marilyn K. Marx]
  • 4. Surveying for Discovery, Science, and Management [Moira W. Brown, Scott D. Kraus, Christopher K. Slay, and Lance P. Garrison]
  • 5. Enormous Carnivores, Microscopic Food, and a Restaurant That’s Hard to Find [Mark F. Baumgartner, Charles A. Mayo, and Robert D. Kenney]
  • 6. High Investment, Low Return: The Strange Case of Reproduction in Eubalaena glacialis [Scott D. Kraus, Richard M. Pace III, and Timothy R. Frasier]
  • 7. Right Whales Past and Present as Revealed by Their Genes [Timothy R. Frasier, Brenna A. Mcleod, Roxanne M. Gillett, Moira W. Brown, and Bradley N. White]
  • 8. The Inner Whale: Hormones, Biotoxins, and Parasites [Rosalind M. Rolland, Kathleen E. Hunt, Gregory J. Doucette, Lora G. Rickard, and Samuel K. Wasser]
  • 9. External Perspectives on Right Whale Health [Rosalind M. Rolland, Philip K. Hamilton, Marilyn K. Marx, Heather M. Pettis, Carolyn M. Angell, and Michael J. Moore]
  • 10. Acoustic Communication: Social Sounds and the Potential Impacts of Noise [Susan E. Parks and Christopher W. Clark]
  • 11. Listening to Their World: Acoustics for Monitoring and Protecting Right Whales in an Urbanized Ocean [Christopher W. Clark, Douglas Gillespie, Douglas P. Nowacek, and Susan E. Parks]
  • 12. Right Whale Mortality: A Message from the Dead to the Living [Michael J. Moore, William A. Mclellan, Pierre-Yves Daoust, Robert K. Bonde, and Amy R. Knowlton]
  • 13. The Entangled Lives of Right Whales and Fishermen: Can They Coexist? [Amanda J. Johnson, Scott D. Kraus, John F. Kenney, and Charles A. Mayo]
  • 14. Running the Gauntlet: Right Whales and Vessel Strikes [Amy R. Knowlton and Moira W. Brown]
  • 15. Right Whales and Climate Change: Facing the Prospect of a Greenhouse Future [Robert D. Kenney]
  • 16. The Big Picture: Modeling Right Whales in Space and Time [Lance P. Garrison]
  • 17. The Urban Whale Syndrome [Scott D. Kraus and Rosalind M. Rolland]
  • Appendix A: Permit Information
  • Appendix B: Opportunistic Contributors to the Right Whale Catalog
  • Appendix C: Other Resources
  • Acknowledgments
  • Contributors
  • Index

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