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The Self Awakened

Pragmatism Unbound

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ISBN 9780674034969

Publication Date: 09/30/2009


288 pages

6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches


  • The Philosophy of the Age
  • 1. Rejected Options
  • 2. The Perennial Philosophy and Its Enemy
  • 3. Pragmatism Reclaimed
    • Pragmatism as a Starting Point
    • Ideas of the Pragmatists
    • Central Themes: Agency, Contingency, Futurity, Experimentalism
    • Two Misreadings of Pragmatism
    • Pragmatist Insights and American Mistakes
  • 4. The Core Conception: Constraint, Incompleteness, Resistance, Reinvention
    • A Conception of Humanity
    • Elements of a Conception
    • Philosophical Attitudes Associated with These Ideas
  • 5. Time and Experience: Antinomies of the Impersonal
    • The Source of the Antinomies
    • The Impersonal and the Personal
    • The Antinomy of Time
    • The Antinomy of Objectivity
  • 6. The Reality of Time: The Transformation of Transformation
    • Time Is Real
    • The Thesis That Time Is the Transformation of Transformation
    • The Thesis That Time Holds Sway over Everything
    • The Thesis That There Is No Closed Horizon of Possible Worlds
    • The Thesis That Mathematics Resists the Recognition of Time
    • The Thesis That Human Experience Has an Inescapable Temporal Structure
  • 7. Self-Consciousness: Humanity Imagined
    • The Imagination Disarmed: Rationalization, Humanization, and Escapism
    • Self-Consciousness Redirected
    • An Initial View of the Mind
    • The Initial View Developed by Contrast
    • The Two Sides of the Mind
    • From the Conception of the Mind to the Marking of a Direction
  • 8. What Then Should We Do?
    • Conception and Orientation
    • The Indifference of Nature
    • False Escape
    • Will and Imagination
    • The Manifest World and Hidden Reality
    • The Conflict between the Enabling Requirements of Self-Possession
    • Self and Character
    • Historical and Biographical Time
    • The Prophecies of Art
  • 9. Society: The Perpetual Invention of the Future
  • 10. Politics: Democracy as Anti-Fate
    • Democratic Experimentalism
    • The Radicalization of Democracy
    • Hope and Strife
  • 11. A Moment of Reform: The Reinvention of Social Democracy
  • 12. Religion: The Self Awakened
    • The Problems of Connection and Transcendence Restated
    • How We Encounter These Problems in the Course of a Life
    • Existential Options
    • The Two Awakenings of the Self
    • Demands of the Second Awakening
  • 13. Philosophy: Beyond Superscience and Self-Help
  • First Digression: Nature in Its Place
  • Second Digression: The Universal Grid of Philosophy
  • Proper Name Index
  • Thematic Index

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