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Understanding Privacy

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Publication Date: 03/30/2010


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With the publication of Understanding Privacy, Daniel J. Solove has firmly established himself as one of America’s leading intellectuals in the field of information policy and cyberlaw… Solove has now elevated himself to that rarefied air of ‘people worth watching’ in the cyberlaw field; an intellectual—like Lawrence Lessig or Jonathan Zittrain—whose every publication becomes something of an event in the field to which all eyes turn upon release… Make no doubt about it, Daniel Solove’s book—and his approach to classifying and dealing with privacy problems—will have a profound impact on all future privacy debates. In that sense, it is a vital text; a must read for all who follow, or engage in, privacy debates.—Adam Thierer, Technology Liberation Front

Instead of reducing this subject to an academic parlor game, Solove uses interdisciplinary sources to offer a convincing argument about why everyone should care deeply about understanding the nature of privacy. Legal scholars will want to read this book, but so will psychologists, communication specialists, public policy makers, philosophers, and anyone interested in where to draw the line between public and private life.—D.S. Dunn, Choice

Daniel Solove offers a unique, challenging account of how to think better about—and of—privacy. No scholar in America is more committed to demystifying ‘the right to privacy.’—Anita L. Allen, University of Pennsylvania Law School

One of the topic’s most prolific and thoughtful thinkers, Daniel Solove has written a clear and comprehensive analysis of privacy. In it, he explains why it has been so hard to conceptualize this thing called privacy, and provides a pragmatic, bottom-up understanding. This book will promote sharper thinking and analysis for the next generation of privacy scholarship and policy.—Jerry Kang, University of California, Los Angeles School of Law

Daniel Solove has had the patience and insight to lay privacy bare. This is the most thorough and persuasive conceptualization of privacy written to date. Solove’s taxonomy of privacy will become the standard tool for analyzing privacy problems.—Peter P. Swire, C. William O’Neill Professor of Law and Judicial Administration, The Ohio State University

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