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Songs of Ourselves

The Uses of Poetry in America

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Related Subjects

  • Introduction
  • I. The Poet in American Culture
    • 1. Seer and Sage
    • 2. Amateur and Professional
    • 3. Absence and Presence
    • 4. Sophisticate and Innocent
    • 5. Celebrity and Cipher
    • 6. Alien and Intimate
  • II. Poetry in Place and Practice
    • 7. Listen, My Children: Modes of Poetry Reading in American Schools
    • 8. I Am an American: Poetry and Civic Ideals
    • 9. Grow Old Along with Me: Poetry and Emotions among Family and Friends
    • 10. God’s in His Heaven: Religious Uses of Verse
    • 11. Lovely as a Tree: Reading and Seeing Out-of-Doors
  • Coda: “Favorite Poems” and Contemporary Readers
  • Notes
  • Index

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