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The Return to Keynes

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ISBN 9780674035386

Publication Date: 02/15/2010


320 pages

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15 figures, 1 table

Belknap Press


During the 1990s, John Maynard Keynes, and Keynesian economics, were declared to be well and truly dead. Then came the financial and economic crises of 2008 and they were reborn as a way of understanding economies with significant unemployment. This excellent collection of essays, brought together by three prominent scholars of Keynes and Keynesian policy, will be a convenient way for those who have forgotten Keynesian economics to refresh themselves, and for others to learn for the first time.—Craufurd Goodwin, Duke University

This fascinating collection of papers addresses the current status and relevance of Keynes from a number of perspectives: the return of macroeconomic policy activism, the state of modern macroeconomics, the recent scholarship of Keynes’s life and work, and some elements of Keynes’s work that might be relevant to the current crisis. The authors’ backgrounds are diverse and their scholarship often cutting-edge. A fine guide to the present state of play.—D. E. Moggridge, University of Toronto

It is a basic truth in the history of economics that great ideas never die. They attain this permanence because they are shaped by both the internal demands of economic theorizing as well as the external realities of the economy. The Return to Keynes, edited by three distinguished scholars, testifies to this truth and demonstrates that doing the history of economics is a part of doing economics well. Keynesian macroeconomic policy as a tool for stabilization is now firmly fixed in the toolbox of economics.—Yuichi Shionoya, Hitotsubashi University

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