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The Return to Keynes

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$66.50 • £53.95 • €60.00

ISBN 9780674035386

Publication Date: 02/15/2010


320 pages

6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches

15 figures, 1 table

Belknap Press


  • Introduction: The Return to Keynes [Bradley W. Bateman, Toshiaki Hirai, and Maria Cristina Marcuzzo]
  • Part I: Keynesian Economic Policy: Past, Present and Future
    • 1. Keynes Returns to America [Bradley W. Bateman]
    • 2. Japan’s Long-run Stagnation and Economic Policies [Yoshiyasu Ono]
    • 3. European Macroeconomic Policy: A Return to Active Stabilization? [Hans-Michael Trautwein]
  • Part II: Interpreting Keynesian Theory and Keynesianism
    • 4. From the “Old” to the “New” Keynesian-Neoclassical Synthesis: An Interpretation [Richard Arena]
    • 5. Tobin’s Keynesianism [Robert W. Dimand]
    • 6. The New Neoclassical Synthesis and the Wicksell–Keynes Connection [Mauro Boianovsky and Hans-Michael Trautwein]
  • Part III: Re-reading and Interpreting Keynes
    • 7. An Abstruse and Mathematical Argument: The Use of Mathematical Reasoning in the General Theory [Roger E. Backhouse]
    • 8. The General Theory: Toward the Concept of Stochastic Macro-equilibrium [Hiroshi Yoshikawa]
    • 9. Keynes’s Economics in the Making [Toshiaki Hirai]
    • 10. Keynes, Sraffa and the Latter’s “Secret Skepticism” [Heinz D. Kurz]
    • 11. Keynes and the War of Words [Gilles Dostaler]
  • Part IV: Global Crisis: Lessons from Keynes
    • 12. Keynes and Modern International Finance Theory [Marcello De Cecco]
    • 13. Keynes’s Influence on Modern Economics: Some Overlooked Contributions of Keynes’s Theory of Finance and Economic Policy [Jan A. Kregel]
    • 14. Current Global Imbalances: Might Keynes Be of Help? [Anna M. Carabelli and Mario A. Cedrini]
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