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Revealing Antiquity 18

New Heroes in Antiquity

From Achilles to Antinoos

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Publication Date: 01/01/2010


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Revealing Antiquity


The quiet accumulation of data in this short but massively documented study sounds out many registers of ancient heroism—from Odysseus’ uncanny libation of blood into a trench for the thirsty ghosts, through the domestic dignity of Attic reliefs, and eventually to Roman flights of fancy about the Elysian Fields, now reassuringly open to all the blessed dead.—Jane Lightfoot, The Times Literary Supplement

It’s an excellent book.—Mary Beard, The New York Review of Books online

This is an outstandingly interesting and important work about ancient Greek ‘heroes,’ undoubtedly a fresh and original contribution to the literature. It is beautifully written—a real pleasure to read. I devoured it at one sitting.—Simon Hornblower, University College London

Once again, Christopher Jones brilliantly illuminates the intricate complicities between religion and politics in the ancient world. With his deft scholarship and graceful style, Jones weaves together archaeology, history, poetry and philosophy, bringing to life a world in which outstanding service, valor, or talent could be rewarded, if not with full immortality, then at least with everlasting honors.—Glenn Most, Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa and the University of Chicago

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