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Harvard-Yenching Institute Monograph Series 68

Empire’s Twilight

Northeast Asia under the Mongols

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Publication Date: 12/31/2009


450 pages

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Harvard University Asia Center > Harvard-Yenching Institute Monograph Series

World, subsidiary rights restricted

  • Koryŏ Kings during the Mongol Period
  • Mongolian Rulers
  • Map 1. Yuan Dynasty, 1330 (adapted from Christopher Atwood, Encyclopedia of Mongolian and the Mongol Empire [New York: Facts on File, 2004])
  • Map 2. The Rival Contenders, 1350–65 (adapted from Frederick Mote, Imperial China [Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1999])
  • Map 3. Red Turban and Pirate Attacks (adapted from Kankoku rekishi chizu [Tokyo: Heibonsha, 2006])
  • Introduction
  • 1. Northeast Asia and the Mongol Empire
  • 2. A Precarious Restoration
  • 3. Koryŏ in the Great Yuan Ulus
  • 4. The Red Turban Wars
  • 5. Buffeted in the Storm
  • 6. In the Wake of the Invasions
  • 7. A New King of Koryŏ
  • 8. Wider Perspectives
  • Epilogue
  • Reference Matter
    • Notes
    • Works Cited
    • Index

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