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Animal Cognition

An Introduction to Modern Comparative Psychology

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  • Preface
  • 1. Origins and Development of the Study of Animal Cognition
    • The Darwinian Heritage and Nineteenth-Century Psychology
    • The Behaviorist Break
    • The Emergence of the Cognitive Approach
    • The Modern Concepts of Representation and Memory
    • The Study of Representation in Animals
    • Problems Posed by the Study of Cognition in Animals
  • 2. Laboratory Methods for Assessing Representation in Animals
    • Learning Sets
    • Mastery of Relations between Stimuli
    • Category Formation
    • Serial Learning as Evidence of Nonverbal Thought
    • Mental Images in Animals
    • Summary and Current Debate
  • 3. Piagetian Studies in Animal Psychology
    • Developmental Psychology and Comparative Psychology
    • The Development of Intelligence
    • Sensorimotor Activities in Animals
    • "Concrete Operations" in Animals
    • Summary and Current Debate
  • 4. Tool Use and Spatial and Temporal Representations
    • Tool Use
    • Spatial Representations
    • Temporal Representations
    • Summary and Current Debate
  • 5. Social Cognition
    • Experimental Methods for the Study of Social Cognition
    • Social Cognition in Monkeys
    • Social versus Nonsocial Cognition
    • Suggestions for Future Research
    • Summary and Current Debate
  • 6. Animal Communication and Human Language
    • Comparisons of Animal and Human Communication
    • Language-Trained Animals
    • Differences in the Use of Signs by Apes and Children
    • Pre-Linguistic Communication in Human Infants and Chimpanzee Infants
    • Summary and Current Debate
  • 7. Imitation, Self-Recognition, and the Theory of Mind
    • Is There Evidence for Imitation in Animals?
    • The Attribution of Mental States in Animals
    • Self-Knowledge and Self-Recognition
    • Relationships between Mirror Recognition, Social Attribution, Imitation, and Teaching
    • Summary and Current Debate
  • 8. An Agenda for Comparative Cognitive Studies
    • Cognitive Ethology: Mental Representations or Mental Experiences?
    • The Generalist versus Ecological Approach to Animal Cognition
  • Conclusions
  • References
  • Index

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