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Natural Interests

The Contest over Environment in Modern France

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$51.50 • £41.95 • €46.50

ISBN 9780674045903

Publication Date: 03/28/2016


296 pages

6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches

18 halftones, 2 maps, 1 table


  • List of Figures and Maps*
  • Introduction
  • 1. François-Antoine Rauch’s New Harmony of Nature
  • 2. Saving the Forests First
  • 3. The Torrents of the Nineteenth Century
  • 4. Environment and Landscape as Heritage
  • 5. The Internationalization of Nature Protection
  • 6. Reforestation and the Anxieties of Empire in Colonial Algeria
  • 7. The Greening of Paris
  • Conclusion
  • Notes
  • Bibliography
  • Acknowledgments
  • Index
  • * Figures and Maps
    • Figures
      • 1. Frontispiece, François-Antoine Rauch, Harmonie hydro-végétale et météorologique
      • 2. Frontispiece, Annales Européennes
      • 3. Frontispiece, “Mexicans contemplate the rich productions of upper Mexico,” Annales Européennes
      • 4. “The deplorable state of many cantons of France,” Annales Européennes
      • 5. “Regeneration of the sweet bounties of nature in all of the cantons of France,” Annales Européennes
      • 6. “Grandes inondations de 1840”
      • 7. N. de Laly, “Awful disasters caused by terrifying floods”
      • 8. E. D. Balthus, “Inondations à Lyon”
      • 9. “Rue Saint-André des Arts, January 1910, Paris”
      • 10. Le Zouave by Georges Diebolt
      • 11. Algerian Forest Pavilion at the 1906 Marseille Colonial Exhibition
      • 12. Bulletin of the League for the Reforestation of Algeria
      • 13. The boutique Deyrolle, 46 rue du Bac, Paris
      • 14. 32 boulevard Malesherbes, Paris
      • 15. “Plans des parcs et jardins de Paris en 1789 et 1900”
      • 16. “Projet d’ensemble des parcs et jardins à établir dans Paris”
      • 17. “The Louvre of social housing,” 8 rue de Prague, Paris
    • Maps
      • 1. Forested Regions of Algeria
      • 2. Forested Region III

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