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A World of Insects

The Harvard University Press Reader

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Related Subjects

  • Introduction [Ring T. Cardé and Vincent H. Resh]
  • 1. The Fascination of Studying Insects: Bert Hölldobler and Edward O. Wilson, Journey to the Ants
    • For the Love of Ants
  • 2. Insects and the Human Food Supply: Mark Winston, Nature Wars
    • The Worm in the Apple
      • Nature’s Perfume
  • 3. Population and Pests: Mark Winston, Nature Wars
    • Gypsy Moth
  • 4. Insect Societies: Bert Hölldobler and Edward O. Wilson, Journey to the Ants
    • The Origin of Cooperation
      • The Superorganism
  • 5. Location is Everything: Thomas Seeley, The Wisdom of the Hive
    • The Foraging Abilities of a Colony
      • Exploiting Food Sources over a Vast Region around the Hive
      • Surveying the Countryside for Rich Food Sources
      • Responding Quickly to Valuable Discoveries
      • Choosing among Food Sources
  • 6. Insects and the Human Condition: Gilbert Waldbauer, Millions of Monarchs
    • People and Insect Plagues
  • 7. War and Insects: Bert Hölldobler and E.O. Wilson, Journey to the Ants
    • Army Ants
  • 8. Insect Terror: Mark Winston, Killer Bees
    • The Creation of a Pop Insect
      • Arrival of the Bees
      • Temperate and Tropical Honey Bees
      • The Process of Africanization
      • Differentiation between the Races
      • Isolating Mechanisms
      • Africanization of Managed Bees
      • African or Africanized?
  • 9. The Birds and the Mosquitoes: Gilbert Waldbauer, The Birder’s Bug Book
    • Bugs That Eat Birds
  • 10. Water Babies, Risky Behavior, and Sex: Gilbert Waldbauer, A Walk Around the Pond
    • The Next Generation
  • 11. How Insects “Work”: Vincent G. Dethier, The Hungry Fly
    • The Search: Appetitive Behavior
  • 12. Hot and Cold Insects: Bernd Heinrich, The Hot-Blooded Insects
    • Night-Flying Moths
      • The Physiology of Pre-Flight Warm-Up
  • 13. Insect Defenses: Thomas Eisner, For Love of Insects
    • The Love Potion
  • 14. Love at First Smell: Thomas Eisner, For Love of Insects
    • The Sweet Smell of Success
  • 15. Night Creatures: Kenneth D. Roeder, Nerve Cells and Insect Behavior
    • Evasive Behavior in the Cockroach
  • 16. More Than Just Jewelry: Andrew Ross, Amber
    • What Is Amber?
      • How Is Amber Produced?
      • Amber Inclusions
      • Evidence of Animal Behavior
      • Animal Products
      • Preservation
      • Inorganic Inclusions
      • Animal Interactions
      • Parasitism
      • Mutualism
      • Commensalism
      • Predation
      • Plant Inclusions
      • Gymnosperms
      • Angiosperms
      • The Ancient Amber Forests
      • The Search for DNA
      • Reports of DNA in Amber
      • Is Jurassic Park Possible?
  • 17. Crime Scene Bugs: M. Lee Goff, A Fly for the Prosecution
    • Prologue: Honolulu, 1984
      • The Bugs on the Body
  • 18. Monarchs and Movement: Gilbert Waldbauer, Millions of Monarchs, Bunches of Beetles
    • From Millions of Monarchs
  • 19. Insects and The Dismal Science: Bernd Heinrich, Bumblebee Economics
    • The Bumblebee Colony Cycle
      • Economy of the Colony
  • 20. Questions of Paternity, Reversal of Sexual Roles, and Sex Addiction: James T. Costa, The Other Insect Societies
    • Hemiptera: Heteroptera II
      • Giant Water Bugs: Belostomatidae
      • Lethocerinae
      • Brooding Male Lethocerus medius (Belostomatidae: Lethocerinae)
      • Belostomatinae
      • Evolution of Paternal Care in Belostomatids
      • Water Striders and Relatives: Gerridae and Veliidae
      • Gerridae
  • Contributors
  • Index

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