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Brand New China

Advertising, Media, and Commercial Culture

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ISBN 9780674047082

Publication Date: 04/10/2010

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432 pages

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In Brand New China, Jing Wang uses Chinese advertising as an optic through which to scrutinize this tension between Eastern and Western approaches to the market… Her book is a thoroughly enjoyable and well-written tour d’horizon of branding and advertising strategy.—John Feffer, The Nation

Brand New China uses the methodology and perspectives of cultural analysis to produce a detailed study of branding and advertising in China… The book is original, well researched and based on a wide-ranging appreciation of both popular and literary Chinese culture.—Delia Davin, The Times Higher Education Supplement

Brand New China blurs the line between storytelling and statistical analysis, making for an interesting, complex read… Think of Freakonomics crossed with your freshman year anthropology textbook crossed with a business meeting—no-nonsense, analytical, and frequently surprising… Wang brings China forth as an individualistic consumer culture that may shock Western readers with both its idiosyncrasies and parallels to Western markets. She offers insight on what is today an immensely important piece of the international puzzle, and cleverly pulls together the psychological and traditional elements of commercial culture to create a well-rounded, illuminating read.—Rachel Smucker, PopMatters

This book is not only important to professionals and scholars with an interest in China—Brand New China will be a valuable resource for anyone interested in the future of advertising.—Christina Spurgeon, International Journal of Advertising

This book will find a readership among industry participants, students of China, and academic researchers of China’s rapidly emerging consumer culture. There are few persons better qualified than Jing Wang to speak about China’s cultural reforms, and Brand New China fills a gap in the literature.—Michael Keane, author of Created in China: The Great New Leap Forward

Few have gone as far as Jing Wang in combining marketing research with cultural analysis, and no other author has provided as detailed, penetrating, and up-to-date a portrayal of the processes of transnational advertising and marketing in China. Brand New China is a fast-paced and fascinating book.—Yuezhi Zhao, author of Communication in China: Political Economy, Power and Conflict

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