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The Fragile Wisdom

An Evolutionary View on Women's Biology and Health

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Publication Date: 01/14/2013


336 pages

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19 line illustrations, 3 tables


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Related Subjects

  • Introduction: Why It Is So Difficult to Be Perfectly Healthy
  • 1. If Reproductive Hormones Are So Important, Why Is There So Much Variation?
  • 2. Coevolution of Biology and Culture: Agriculture and Selection for High Levels of Estrogen
  • 3. You Are What You Eat…as a Fetus
  • 4. The French Paradox: Did Child Welfare Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease?
  • 5. Intergenerational Echoes of Slavery
  • 6. The Price of Reproduction
  • 7. The Ultimate Test of the Costs of Reproduction: Life Span
  • 8. Evolutionary Past and Modern Diet
  • 9. Evolution and Physical Activity
  • 10. Evolutionary Trade-Offs and Culture
  • 11. Fallacies of Philanthropy
  • 12. Fixing Genes versus Fixing Lifestyles
  • Conclusion: Is Our Physiology Obsolete?
  • References
  • Acknowledgments
  • Index

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