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Chinese Medicine and Healing

An Illustrated History

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$52.00 • £41.95 • €47.00

ISBN 9780674047372

Publication Date: 01/07/2013


480 pages

6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches

76 halftones, 5 line illustrations, 9 maps, 11 tables

Belknap Press


  • Introduction • Linda L. Barnes and TJ Hinrichs
  • 1. The Pre-Han Period • Constance A. Cook
    • Oracle Bones of the Late Shang Dynasty (ca. Thirteenth–Eleventh Centuries B.C.E.) • Ken Takashima
    • The Dreams of the Lord of Jin • Constance A. Cook
    • The Hexagram Gu • Xing Wen
  • 2. The Han Period • Vivienne Lo
    • The Treatment of Women • Lisa Raphals
    • A Late Han Adept • TJ Hinrichs
  • 3. The Period of Division and the Tang Period • Fan Ka-wai
    • Shamans • Lin Fu-shih
    • Prerequisites for Treating Childlessness • Jessey J.C. Choo
    • Nurturing the Fetus • Sabine Wilms
    • Childbirth • Jen-der Lee
    • Ingestion of the Five Sprouts • Gil Raz
    • The Celestial Brigand and Illness • Donald Harper
    • Sun Simiao • Victor Xiong
  • 4. The Song and Jin Periods • TJ Hinrichs
    • Plague God Cults • Paul R. Katz
    • Legendary Daoist Women • Catherine Despeux
    • Song Printed Medical Works and Medieval Japanese Medicine • Andrew Edmund Goble
  • 5. The Yuan and Ming Periods • Angela Ki Che Leung
    • Arabic Medicine in China • Paul D. Buell
    • Tuêẹ Tĩnh—Vietnamese Monk-Physician at the Ming Court • C. Michele Thompson
    • A Chosǒn Korea Medical Synthesis: Hǒ Chun’s Precious Mirror of Eastern Medicine • Soyoung Suh
    • Medical Schools and the Temples of the Three Progenitors • Reiko Shinno
    • Children’s Medicine • Hsiung Ping-chen
    • Li Shizhen • Kenneth J. Hammond
    • Variolation • Chang Chia-Feng
  • 6. The Qing Period • Yi-Li Wu
    • Fertility Control and Demographics • Francesca Bray
    • Female Alchemy • Elena Valussi
    • The Nineteenth-Century Bubonic Plague Epidemic • Carol Benedict
    • The Emperor’s Physician • Chang Che-chia
    • The Jianghu Performance of Medical and Martial Arts in Late Imperial Vernacular Fiction • Paize Keulemans
    • Eighteenth-Century European Views of Gongfu (Kungfu) • Linda L. Barnes
    • The “Warm Diseases” Current of Learning • Marta E. Hanson
  • 7. The Republic of China • Bridie J. Andrews
    • Dissection in China • Larissa Heinrich
    • Neurasthenia (shenjing shuairuo) in China • Hugh Shapiro
    • Advertising Hygienic Modernity • Ruth Rogaski
  • 8. The People’s Republic of China • Volker Scheid
    • Propaganda and Health • Stefan R. Landsberger
    • Folk Nutritional Therapy in Modern China • Eugene N. Anderson
    • Inventing Qigong • David Ownby
    • Chinese Medicine as Popular Knowledge in Urban China • Judith Farquhar
    • Seal Penis, Viagra, and Sexual Potency in Post-Mao China • Everett Zhang
    • Religious Healing in the People’s Republic of China • Thomas DuBois
    • SARS, Bird Flu, and Media Transparency in China • Hepeng Jia
  • 9. A World of Chinese Medicine and Healing: Part One • Linda L. Barnes
    • Acupuncture in Argentina • Betina Freidin
    • Acupuncture in Germany • Gunnar Stollberg
    • Textuality and Truth in U.S. Chinese Medicine Education • Sonya Pritzker
    • Acupuncture in Iraq • Lazgeen Ahmad, MD (Interview by Douglas Newton)
    • Get on Track with Subhealth: Changing Trajectories of “Preventive Medicine” • Mei Zhan
    • Placebo-Controlled Randomized Trials and Chinese Medicine • Ted J. Kaptchuk
  • 10. A World of Chinese Medicine and Healing: Part Two • Linda L. Barnes
    • Chinese Medicine in Africa • Elisabeth Hsu
    • “Trialing” Chinese Medicine in Colonial Australia • Rey Tiquia
    • TCM and Chinese Immigrants with Tuberculosis in New York City’s Chinatown: A Case Study • Ming Ho
    • Is Vietnamese Medicine Chinese Medicine? • Laurence Monnais
    • Visualizing Qi • Nancy N. Chen
    • Taiji in America • Elijah Siegler
  • Bibliography
  • Acknowledgments
  • Contributors
  • Index

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