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On Zion’s Mount

Mormons, Indians, and the American Landscape

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ISBN 9780674047433

Publication Date: 04/10/2010

Academic Trade

472 pages

6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches

21 halftones, 3 maps


  • List of Illustrations*
  • Maps
    • The Great Basin
    • The eastern Great Basin in the 1850s
    • The southern Wasatch Front in the twentieth century
  • Introduction
  • I. Liquid Antecedents
    • 1. Ute Genesis, Mormon Exodus
    • 2. Brigham Young and the Famine of the Fish-Eaters
    • 3. The Desertification of Zion
  • II. Making a Mountain: Alpine Play
    • 4. Rocky Mountain Saints
    • 5. Hiking into Modern Times
    • 6. Sundance and Suburbia
  • III. Marking a Mountain: Indian Play
    • 7. Renaming the Land
    • 8. The Rise and Fall of a Lover’s Leap
    • 9. Performing a Remembered Past
  • Notes
  • Acknowledgments
  • Index
  • * Illustrations
    • Aerial view of the southern Wasatch Front
    • Mount Timpanogos from I-15, 2005
    • Brigham Young, ca. 1851
    • Engraving of Fort Utah, 1850
    • C. B. Hancock, Indian Reserve Scene of Agency & Peeteteeteneete’s Band 1857
    • Map of Utah from a Union Pacific booklet, 1891
    • Saltair resort, Great Salt Lake, ca. 1900
    • Charles Savage, “Utah Lake from Geneva (new bathing resort),” ca. 1890
    • Utah Indian War Veterans at Utah Lake, 1903
    • Albert Tracy, View from Upper Camp Floyd, 1858
    • Eugene and Sytha Roberts on Mount Timpanogos, 1920
    • Participants in the Annual Timpanogos Hike ascend the “glacier”
    • Hikers on the summit of Mount Timpanogos, ca. 1920s
    • Fritz Henle, “Farm Family against Backdrop of Geneva Works,” ca. 1950
    • Mount Timpanogos Temple with its eponymous landform, 2006
    • “Mountain worshipers” at Mount Rainier, 1929
    • Depiction of Winona’s leap from Maiden Rock, 1857
    • Theatrical scene before the Annual Timpanogos Hike
    • The Hanson Wigwam Company, ca. 1925
    • The Great Heart of Timpanogos, Timpanogos Cave National Monument, 1963

Awards & Accolades

  • 2009 Award of Merit, American Association for State and Local History
  • Honor Book, 2009 Caroline Bancroft History Prize, Denver Public Library
  • 2009 Francis Parkman Prize, Society of American Historians
  • 2008 Francis Armstrong Madsen Best Utah History Book Award, Utah State Historical Society
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