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Labors of Innocence in Early Modern England

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ISBN 9780674049062

Publication Date: 06/15/2010


880 pages

6-3/8 x 9-1/4 inches


  • Introduction: The Intellectual’s Two Bodies
  • I. Contexts
    • 1. Digging up the Hortus Conclusus
      • The Sacrament of Production
      • The Working Sovereign
      • The Ingenious Gardener
      • The First and Second Adams
      • Festival and the Ground of True Religion
      • Purgation and Progress
      • The Invisible College
    • 2. A Union of Eyes and Hands: The Royal Society of London for the Improving of Natural Knowledge
      • Ironizing the Golden Age
      • Nourishing the Body Politic
      • The University of Eden
      • The Histories of Trades
    • 3. The Productive Eye
      • The Monstrous Representative
      • The Natural Literatus
      • Keeping a Virgin Mind: The Temptation of the Visible
      • Losing Perspective: Anti-virtuoso Satire and An Essay Concerning Human Understanding
    • 4. The Culture of Curiosity
      • The Laboratory of the Mind
      • Composing a Self: Shaftesbury’s Regimen and Boyle’s Occasional Reflections
      • The Theater of the World
      • “There’s No Respect of Persons There”: The Coffeehouse as a Paradise Restored
      • The Athenian Mercury and Discursive Experimental Space
  • II. Texts
    • 5. Instruments of Truth
      • Precursors: Donne and Burton
      • “A New Invention”
      • The Last Instructions to a Painter
      • Instrumentalizing the Garden
      • Dryden’s Modest Inquisition
      • “Accus’d of Innovation”: Davenant as Natural Philosopher
      • The Desperate Cure of Verse
    • 6. Milton and the Paradizable Reader
      • The Making of an Experimentalist Author
      • “Every Joynt and Member”: Molding the Body of Truth
      • Perfected in Weakness
      • Hell, Chaos, and the “Cleer Spring”
      • Growing up to Godhead
      • Floral Spectacles
      • Entering on the Work
    • 7. The Professional Observer
      • “Well-Tun’d Instruments”: Experimental Athleticism
      • “An Idea of England”: The Journeys of Celia Fiennes
      • Traveling in a Critical Manner: Defoe’s Tour thro’ the Whole Island of Great Britain
      • Surveying the Gaping Throng: The Observer as Cultural Critic
      • “One of Another Species”: The Construction of Mr. Spectator
      • Mr. Spectator’s Postmortem Body
  • Notes
  • Bibliography
  • Acknowledgments
  • Index

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