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How the Other Half Lives

Studies among the Tenements of New York

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ISBN 9780674049321

Publication Date: 04/15/2010


368 pages

5-1/2 x 8-1/4 inches

33 halftones, 13 line illustrations, 2 tables

Belknap Press

The John Harvard Library


  • List of Illustrations*
  • Introduction by Alan Trachtenberg
  • Note on the Text
  • Chronology of Jacob A. Riis’s Life
  • How the Other Half Lives
    • Preface
    • Introduction
    • 1. Genesis of the Tenement
    • 2. The Awakening
    • 3. The Mixed Crowd
    • 4. The Downtown Back Alleys
    • 5. The Italian in New York
    • 6. The Bend
    • 7. A Raid on the Stale-Beer Dives
    • 8. The Cheap Lodging Houses
    • 9. Chinatown
    • 10. Jewtown
    • 11. The Sweaters of Jewtown
    • 12. The Bohemians—Tenement House Cigarmaking
    • 13. The Color Line in New York
    • 14. The Common Herd
    • 15. The Problem of the Children
    • 16. Waifs of the City’s Slums
    • 17. The Street Arab
    • 18. The Reign of Rum
    • 19. The Harvest of Tares
    • 20. The Working Girls of New York
    • 21. Pauperism in the Tenements
    • 22. The Wrecks and the Waste
    • 23. The Man with the Knife
    • 24. What Has Been Done
    • 25. How the Case Stands
    • Appendix: Statistics Bearing on the Tenement Problem
  • Notes
  • Selected Bibliography
  • Illustration Credits
  • Index
  • * Illustrations
    • Gotham Court
    • Hell’s Kitchen and Sebastopol
    • Tenement of 1863, for Twelve Families on Each Flat
    • Ash Barrel of Old
    • Tenement of the Old Style. Birth of the Air-Shaft
    • At the Cradle of the Tenement—Doorway of an Old-Fashioned Dwelling on Cherry Hill
    • Upstairs in Blindman’s Alley
    • An Old Rear-Tenement in Roosevelt Street
    • In the Home of an Italian Rag-Picker, Jersey Street
    • The Bend
    • Bandit’s Roost
    • Bottle Alley
    • Lodgers in a Crowded Bayard Street Tenement—“Five Cents a Spot”
    • An All-Night Two-Cent Restaurant, in “The Bend”
    • The Tramp
    • Bunks in a Seven-Cent Lodging-House, Pell Street
    • In a Chinese Joint
    • “The Official Organ of Chinatown”
    • A Tramp’s Nest in Ludlow Street
    • A Market Scene in the Jewish Quarter
    • The Old Clo’e’s Man—in the Jewish Quarters
    • “Knee-Pants” at Forty-five Cents a Dozen—A Ludlow Street Sweater’s Shop
    • Bohemian Cigarmakers at Work in Their Tenement
    • A Black-and-Tan Dive in “Africa”
    • The Open Door
    • Bird’s-Eye View of an East Side Tenement Block
    • The White Badge of Mourning
    • In Poverty Gap, West Twenty-eighth Street. An English Coal-Heaver’s Home
    • Dispossessed
    • The Trench in the Potter’s Field
    • Prayer-Time in the Nursery—Five Points House of Industry
    • “Didn’t Live Nowhere”
    • Street Arabs in Sleeping Quarters
    • Getting Ready for Supper in the Newsboys’ Lodging House
    • A Downtown “Morgue”
    • A Growler Gang in Session
    • Typical Toughs (from the Rogues’ Gallery)
    • Hunting River Thieves
    • Sewing and Starving in an Elizabeth Street Attic
    • A Flat in the Pauper Barracks, West Thirty-eighth Street, with All Its Furniture
    • Coffee at One Cent
    • Evolution of the Tenement in Twenty Years
    • General Plan of the Riverside Buildings (A. T. White’s) in Brooklyn
    • Floor Plan of One Division in the Riverside Buildings, Showing Six “Apartments”

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