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Assessing Child Survival Programs

A Test of Lot Quality Assurance Sampling in a Developing Country

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ISBN 9780674049956

Publication Date: 01/01/1992


264 pages

6 x 9 inches

42 tables, 15 figures

Harvard Series on Population and International Health


  • Preface
    • 1. Assessing Health Services
      • General Definition of Lot Quality Assurance Sampling
      • Defining Decentralized Service Delivery
      • Measurement Issues for Health Systems Managers
      • Interventions Selected for Testing LQAS
  • I. Principles for Health Program Assessment
    • 2. The Role of Program Assessment in Integrated Health Programs
      • Defining Monitoring and Evaluation Activities
      • Management Systems for Program Assessments
      • A Brief Review of Monitoring and Evaluation Methods
    • 3. Models, Control and Validity
      • Modeling Health Systems
      • On the Importance of Controls When Assessing Integrated Health Programs
      • Construct Validity
      • Internal Validity
      • Statistical Conclusion Validity
      • External Validity
  • II. Lot Quality Assurance Sampling for Monitoring International Health Programs
    • 4. LQAS Principles
      • Using EPI Cluster Sampling
      • Using LQAS
      • Using Binomials in LQAS
      • Cumulative Probabilities
      • Varying the Number of Permissible Inadequate Observations
      • Varying Sample Size while Holding Consumer Risk Approximately Constant
      • Defining Provider and Consumer Risks
      • Calculating Coverage Proportions and Confidence Intervals with LQAS Data
    • 5. LQAS Field Methods for Assessing Child Survival Program Coverage
      • Quality Control of Child Survival Interventions
      • Choosing a Sample and Data Collection
      • Alternative LQAS Designs
      • Collecting Reliable Data
      • A Review of the Information System
      • Vaccination Coverage and Service Adequacy
      • Quality of the Health System Information
      • Quality of Integrated Health Interventions
    • 6. Assessing Technical Quality of Service Delivery
      • LQAS
      • Data Collection of Community Health Worker Technical Quality
      • Judging Technical Quality
    • 7. A Cost Analysis of LQAS
      • Costs of LQAS
      • Data Collection through a Centralized Approach
      • Data Collection through a Decentralized Approach
      • An Economic Assessment of Risk and Its Association with Sample Size
      • The Costs Associated with Provider Risk
      • The Costs Associated with Consumer Risk
      • Costs Associated with Consumer Risk in a Hypothetical Developing Country
    • 8. Aiding Policy Makers to Maintain Decentralized National Health Services
      • Conceptualizing a Control System
      • Decentralizing Health Systems
      • Coordination and Policy Making
      • How Much Decentralization?
      • Thresholds of Health System Success and Failure
      • Management and Bureaucracy in a Decentralized Health System
    • 9. Epilogue
      • Limitations and Needed Improvements to Health Service Research
      • LQAS Vis-à-Vis Other Monitoring Methods
      • Post LQAS Activities
      • Considerations for the Next Applications of LQAS
      • Further Needed Developments of LQAS
  • Appendix
  • References

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