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The Works of Anne Bradstreet

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  • Anne Bradstreet’s Wreath of Thyme, by Jeannine Hensley
  • Note on the Text
  • Chronology of Anne Bradstreet’s Life
  • The Works of Anne Bradstreet
    • [Poems Printed in the First Two Editions]
      • Epistle to the Reader, by John Woodbridge
      • Introductory Verses, by Nathaniel Ward, John Rogers, and Others
      • To Her Most Honoured Father
      • The Prologue
      • The Four Elements
      • Of the Four Humours
      • Of the Four Ages
      • The Four Seasons
      • The Four Monarchies
        • The Assyrian Being the First
        • The Second Monarchy, Being the Persian
        • The Third Monarchy, Being the Grecian
        • The Roman Monarchy, Being the Fourth
      • A Dialogue between Old England and New
      • An Elegy Upon Sir Philip Sidney
      • In Honour of Du Bartas
      • In Honour of Queen Elizabeth
      • David’s Lamentation
      • To the Memory of Thomas Dudley Esq.
      • An Epitaph on Mrs. Dorothy Dudley
      • Contemplations
      • The Flesh and the Spirit
      • The Vanity of All Worldly Things
      • The Author to Her Book
    • [Poems Inserted Posthumously in the 1678 Edition]
      • Upon a Fit of Sickness
      • Upon Some Distemper of Body
      • Before the Birth of One of Her Children
      • To My Dear and Loving Husband
      • A Letter to Her Husband
      • Another
      • Another
      • To Her Father with Some Verses
      • In Reference to Her Children
      • In Memory of Elizabeth Bradstreet
      • In Memory of Anne Bradstreet
      • On Simon Bradstreet
      • In Memory of Mrs. Mercy Bradstreet
    • [The Andover Manuscripts, First Printed 1867]
      • To My Dear Children
      • Occasional Meditations
        • By Night When Others Soundly Slept
        • For Deliverance from a Fever
        • From Another Sore Fit
        • Deliverance from a Fit of Fainting
        • Meditations
        • July 8, 1656
        • August 28, 1656
        • May 11, 1657
        • May 13, 1657
        • September 30, 1657
        • Upon My Son Samuel
        • May 11, 1661
        • For the Restoration of My Dear Husband
        • Upon My Daughter Hannah Wiggin
        • On My Son’s Return
        • Upon My Dear and Loving Husband
        • In My Solitary Hours
        • In Thankful Acknowledgment
        • In Thankful Remembrance
      • For My Dear Son Simon Bradstreet
      • Meditations Divine and Moral
      • Upon the Burning of Our House
      • As Weary Pilgrim
  • Selected Bibliography

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