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The Marble Faun

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ISBN 9780674050280

Publication Date: 01/14/2013


512 pages

5-1/2 x 8-1/4 inches

Belknap Press

The John Harvard Library


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  • Introduction [Andrew Delbanco]
  • Note on the Text
  • Chronology of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Life
  • The Marble Faun
    • I. Miriam, Hilda, Kenyon, Donatello
    • II. The Faun
    • III. Subterranean Reminiscences
    • IV. The Spectre of the Catacomb
    • V. Miriam’s Studio
    • VI. The Virgin’s Shrine
    • VII. Beatrice
    • VIII. The Suburban Villa
    • IX. The Faun and Nymph
    • X. The Sylvan Dance
    • XI. Fragmentary Sentences
    • XII. A Stroll on the Pincian
    • XIII. A Sculptor’s Studio
    • XIV. Cleopatra
    • XV. An &Aelig; Company
    • XVI. A Moonlight Ramble
    • XVII. Miriam’s Trouble
    • XVIII. On the Edge of a Precipice
    • XIX. The Faun’s Transformation
    • XX. The Burial Chaunt
    • XXI. The Dead Capuchin
    • XXII. The Medici Gardens
    • XXIII. Miriam and Hilda
    • XXIV. The Tower among the Apennines
    • XXV. Sunshine
    • XXVI. The Pedigree of Monte Beni
    • XXVII. Myths
    • XXVIII. The Owl-Tower
    • XXIX. On the Battlements
    • XXX. Donatello’s Bust
    • XXXI. The Marble Saloon
    • XXXII. Scenes by the Way
    • XXXIII. Pictured Windows
    • XXXIV. Market-Day in Perugia
    • XXXV. The Bronze Pontiff’s Benediction
    • XXXVI. Hilda’s Tower
    • XXXVII. The Emptiness of Picture-Galleries
    • XXXVIII. Altars and Incense
    • XXXIX. The World’s Cathedral
    • XL. Hilda and a Friend
    • XLI. Snow-Drops and Maidenly Delights
    • XLII. Reminiscences of Miriam
    • XLIII. The Extinction of a Lamp
    • XLIV. The Deserted Shrine
    • XLV. The Flight of Hilda’s Doves
    • XLVI. A Walk on the Campagna
    • XLVII. The Peasant and Contadina
    • XLVIII. A Scene in the Corso
    • XLIX. A Frolic of the Carnival
    • L. Miriam, Hilda, Kenyon, Donatello
  • Selected Bibliography
    • Hawthorne’s Writings
    • Biographies
    • Critical Studies and Historical Context
    • Collections of Essays

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