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Prison Blossoms

Anarchist Voices from the American Past

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$26.95 • £21.95 • €24.50

ISBN 9780674050563

Publication Date: 05/05/2011


320 pages

5-1/2 x 8-1/4 inches

Belknap Press

The John Harvard Library


  • Note on the Text
  • Introduction by Miriam Brody
  • Part I. Remembering Homestead—The Strike and the Jails
    • 1. Capital and the Battle on the Monongahela [Carl Nold]
    • 2. A Fateful Leaflet [Henry Bauer]
    • 3. Autobiographical Sketches [Alexander Berkman]
    • 4. Jail Experiences [Alexander Berkman]
    • 5. Further Arrests [Carl Nold]
    • 6. An American Court Farce [Alexander Berkman]
    • 7. Two Further Court Farces [Henry Bauer]
  • Part II. Debating the Act—Assassination and Propaganda by Deed
    • 8. A Few Words as to My Deed [Alexander Berkman]
    • 9. The Red Bugbear [Carl Nold and Henry Bauer]
    • 10. Tolstoi or Bakunin? [Carl Nold]
  • Part III. Surviving Western Pennsylvania Penitentiary
    • 11. Our Prison Life: Second Half (February 1895–May 1897) [Henry Bauer]
    • 12. Penitentiary Administration and Treatment of Prisoners [Henry Bauer]
    • 13. The Treatment of Prisoner A-444, in His Own Words [Prisoner A-444]
    • 14. The Shop-Screw [Carl Nold]
    • 15. The Trusted Prisoner [Carl Nold]
    • 16. Dialogue between Two Prisoners [Carl Nold]
    • 17. A Morning Conversation between Dutch and Mike (Two Prisoners) [Carl Nold]
  • Part IV. Defending Anarchy—The Case against Church and State
    • 18. Prisons and Crime: Punishment—Its Nature and Effects [Alexander Berkman]
    • 19. Prisons and Crime: Influence of Prisons on Morals [Alexander Berkman]
    • 20. Prisons and Crime: Crime and Its Sources [Carl Nold]
    • 21. Libertas: An Orthographical Study [Alexander Berkman]
    • 22. The Vision in the Penitentiary Cell [Carl Nold]
    • 23. The Sinking Ship: A Parable [Alexander Berkman]
    • 24. Winter Sun for My Prison Colleagues M & G, 1 January 1896 [Carl Nold]
  • Appendix
    • Last Days in the Penitentiary: Excerpts from the Diary of Alexander Berkman
    • Alexander Berkman’s Bibliography
  • Notes
  • Further Reading
  • Acknowledgments

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