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The Authoritarian Specter

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Publication Date: 11/15/1996


384 pages

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Is fascism just around the corner? Will some social crisis or national panic evoke totalitarian solutions? Or are we reasonably protected from arbitrary cancellation of democratic institutions? This book provides assessment of the psychological potential of populations to support, accede, or resist the imposition of authoritarian rule...To our good fortune, Dr. Altemeyer has provided a unique and coherent body of solid scientific information...[and] he deploys a light, clear style and an engaging sense of humor...The most rewarded reader, and the one for whom the book was written, will be that citizen who retains a dedication to the retrieval and preservation of democracy. I hope for such a person that the book stays in print forever.—Thomas H. Lewis, Journal of the American Medical Association

A marvelous work, beautifully written. The sections on cognitive behavior, double standards, sex, religion, left-wing authoritarianism, and the authoritarianism of legislators make important contributions to our understanding. —Sam McFarland, Western Kentucky University

The study of authoritarianism is currently experiencing a marked upsurge of interest and activity, and Bob Altemeyer deserves a great deal of the credit. The research that he reports in this lively book is of great interest to those who are concerned with events such as the Oklahoma City bombing, and will serve as a touchstone for future work.—William F. Stone, University of Maine

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