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Rising Force

The Magic of Magnetic Levitation

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$27.95 • £22.95 • €25.00

ISBN 9780674055353

Publication Date: 05/30/2011


288 pages

5-1/2 x 8-1/4 inches

33 halftones, 5 line illustrations


  • Preface
  • 1. Levity vs. Gravity
    • Fictional and Illusional Levitation
    • Wingardium Leviosa!
    • Mystical Levitation
    • Physical Levitation without Magnets
  • 2. Gravitational and Magnetic Forces
    • Forces of the Universe
    • Magnetic Forces
    • Magnetic Materials
  • 3. Maglev—A Balance of Forces
    • Poles Apart
    • Force at a Distance
    • The Floating Island of Laputa
    • Stability and Degrees of Freedom
  • 4. Spinning the Levitron
    • Only a Toy
    • Toy Story
    • The Super
  • 5. Inducing Uplift
    • Mutual Induction
    • Flinging Rings and Things
    • Eddy-Current Heating and Levitation Melting
    • Fields of Force
  • 6. Flying Frogs
    • The Ig Nobel Prize
    • Diamagnetism and the Moses Effect
    • Diamagnetic Levitation and Stabilization
    • Froglev
  • 7. Super-Levitation
    • Superdiamagnetism and Supercurrents
    • Higher Fields
    • Higher Temperatures
  • 8. Feeding Back
    • Brief Recap
    • Floating Globes
    • Floatin’ in the Wind
    • Snowball in Hell
    • Microbots and Pigs
  • 9. In a Spin
    • Bearing Up
    • Enriching and Proliferating
    • A Few Words about Energy
    • Flying Wheels
    • Pumping Blood
    • Floating Rotors
  • 10. The No-Spin Zone
    • Flying Broomsticks
    • Flotors and the Maglev Touch
    • Maglev Nanotechnology
    • Sub-Nano: Angstroms and Atoms
    • Maglev Rocket Sleds
  • 11. Flying Trains
    • Emile Bachelet
    • Kemper and Electromagnetic Levitation (EML)
    • Powell/Danby and Electrodynamic Levitation (EDL)
    • The Competition
  • 12. All Aboard!
    • Urban Maglev
    • Permanent-Magnet Maglev
    • Transrapid Trials—and Tribulations
    • Sin Express to Vegas
    • Maglev Deployment Program and ARRA
  • 13. Keeping It Up
    • Up with Magnets!
    • Magnetic Personalities
    • Ben Franklin’s Vision: Levity over Gravity
  • Sources and Suggested Readings
  • Acknowledgments
  • Index

Awards & Accolades

  • A Physics World Book of the Year, 2011
The Coming Good Society: Why New Realities Demand New Rights, by William F. Schulz and Sushma Raman, from Harvard University Press

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