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Proceedings of the Harvard Celtic Colloquium, 29: 2009

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Publication Date: 05/02/2011


  • Preface
  • Fabricating Celts: How Iron Age Iberians Became Indo-Europeanized During the Franco Regime [Aarón Alzola Romero and Eduardo Sánchez-Moreno]
  • Nations in Tune: the influence of Irish music on the Breton musical revival in the 1960s and 1970s [Yann Bévant]
  • Ethnicity, Geography, and the passage of Dominion in the Mabinogi and Brut y Brenhinedd [Christina Chance]
  • Rejecting Mother’s Blessing: the absence of the fairy in the Welsh search for identity [Adam Coward]
  • Gwalarn: An Attempt to Renew Breton Literature [Gwendal Denez and Erwan Hupel]
  • At the Crossroads: World War One and the Shifting Roles of Men and Women in Breton Ballad Song Practice [Natalie Anne Franz]
  • Apocryphal Sanctity in the Lives of Irish Saints [Máire Johnson]
  • An Dialog etre Arzur Roe d’an Bretounet ha Guynglaff and its Connections with Arthurian Tradition [Herve Le Bihan]
  • A Walk on the Wild Side: Women, Men, and Madness [Edyta Lehmann]
  • The Early Establishment of Celtic Studies in North American Universities [Michael Linkletter]
  • “In t-indellchró bodba fer talman”: A Reading of Cú Chulainn’s First Recension ríastrad [Elizabeth Moore]
  • Dream and Vision in Late-Medieval Scotland: The Epic Case of William Wallace [Kylie Murray]
  • “Some of you will curse her”: Women’s Writing during the Irish-Language Revival [Riona Nic Congáil]
  • Dating Peredur: New Light on Old Problems [Natalia I. Petrovskaia]
  • “From the shame you have done”: Comparing the Stories of Blodeuedd and Bláthnait [Sarah L. Pfannenschmidt]
  • “And there was a fourth son”: Narrative Variation in Cyfranc Lludd a Llefelys [Kelly Ann Randell]
  • Abstracts of unpublished papers for volume 29

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